Robo Meet and Greet - This is Only a Test 597 - 4/29/21

Publicerades den 29 apr 2021
It's taken us a year, but we're finally back on the podcast set (at least virtually) this week to talk about Imagineering's Project Kiwi robot prototype, the filmic look of the Academy Awards, and our impressions of Oculus's Air Link feature for the Quest 2 headset. Plus, our final thoughts on The Falcon and the Winter Solider as we brace for the Loki series!
Thanks to Jacob Froelich for making our background set render! Find his work at cakeman1992
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  • Who wants a Baby Yoda robot?

  • Disneyland opening? Too soon. Wait a month or so.

  • How did you do this with Zoom? I want to try this at work.

  • 0:00 Intro 5:00 Top Story 20:25 Pop Culture News 27:40 Spoiler Talk 37:45 End of Spoilers 41:40 Moment of Science 54:21 VR Minute 1:11:41 Outro

  • Why don't they just build a tracking pad/mat, that you can place any keyboard on and select your keyboard from a list and from the silhouette of keyboard it will be able to track it or am I missing how they are currently doing it?

  • Wooooooooo!!!! Been busy the past couple of days but glad the podcast fell on my birthday this year!!!🥰

  • Why did no one watch the Oscars? Politics. Everyone already knew who is going to win without even watching the show.

  • not the timestamp guy don't @ me if wrong 0:00 - (vr zoom background, Tested office status) 4:52 Top story (Disneyland reopening) 18:56 Storyblocks sponsor 20:20 Oscars 27:28 Falcon and The Winter Soldier finale (spoiler warning) 37:33 netflix Invincible, hbo max Mortal Kombat 40:34 New York Comic Con returning 41:28 Moment of Science (covid & vaccination) 48:38 Space & Mars news (oxygen machine) 54:09 VR Minute (v28, keyboard tracking, "productivity", airlink at 1:00:01)

    • Thanks! Looks like timestamp bot is getting blocked as spam

  • Took only 5 minutes for Norm to shill for Disneyland yet again... What happened to this podcast? Just call it the Disneyland, Marvel Disney Plus Disney Disney Podcast. It's so transparent. You got so many technology and news stories that outdo the reopening of Disney Land but reopening Disney Land is somehow the top story? What about the controversy over the NYPD Robot Dog which sets a stage for Dystopian law enforcement. What about the launch of all the new satellites for Star Link? What about the countless stories about tech? No? Oh yeah shill for Disney guys. I'm suprised Kushur wasn't killed on the spot for mentioning he wanted to goto Universal.

  • Hi Adam Savage's Tested, Legless host. invite legless Lego Legolas next please! :)

  • come on, what a tease!!!

  • “Captain America and the White Wolf”

  • The opening makes me doubt green screen is a real effect.😨

  • ok this is just weird

  • Damn It. The sneak peak got me very excited. Bummer.

  • so i like the screen, but the clipping is really annoying how do you do a "socially distanced" convention? like other than sunday 2 hours before close it is always too packed as far as the mask, i hope that people continue to have it hand even when outside. if you can stay 6' away from people you dont need a mask, if you have to get right next to them.. please put the mask on even if you are vaccinated. and i hope that mask wearing when ill (cold/flu/coughs/runny nose) becomes prelevant after this.

  • But... it's great that you did this of course. You're helping to change technology. Thank you.

  • Really. Is this best we can do? 2021, you would think we could do better than this (video wise). This looks like 8 bit. Let's get on this people.

  • I'm for preserving the side of the moon that faces Earth, but beyond that, nothing lifeless need be preserved. F Mars, if there's no life we should do whatever possible to make it more habitable.

  • I'm so tired of zoom calls, so this setup while a little janky actually works well for me! It's close enough to the old studio setup, hope you guys are continuing with this.


  • Just a suggestion can't you guys do a song for the spoiler section so that we can then easily skip through?

    • That'd be neat to have a specific background tune as well during spoiler time.

  • 56:00 Jeremy - you need Mark Rober to put one of his glitter bombs on your doorstep!

  • Already spent my 700 + for my family of 4. Can’t wait 🤩

  • This effect looks so bizarre. So when are you really going to be back in the real studio or Adam’s cave vs the virtual studio? I don’t think I can handle this bizarre cartoon look.

    • It was an experiment because we wanted to test out the new feature. Just being a little silly.

    • @m f 300,000 CASES PER DAY??? ***JESUS CHRYSLER!!***

    • Based on India spiking to over 300000 cases per day for the last week, probably not soon.

    • I would like to thank you, Christopher Collins, for being honest here. Great Job!! this video is distorted in so many ways!! Again, thank you for being honest here.

  • Legless host. invite legless Lego Legolas next please!

  • Oh look, it's the Thunderbirds!

  • After a while I started to tune out the fact everyone was just a cropped blob on a background and it started to look pretty convincing. I was sat fairly far back though. Great to see all three of you together.

  • OMG... No one has legs.....

  • Disneyland will now be PERFECT !!!


  • I love this! It has a charming trashy character to it…in a good way!

    • I agree. I'm really ready for a VR podcast. Have yet to see that but would enough people go into VR to make all the effort worthwhile? Hit the Oculus guys up and see if they're interested in promoting VR podcasting, get a Joe Rogan like deal out of it and stream exclusively within VR! 100 million dollars split three ways?

  • Y’all put a lot of effort into filming a podcast.


  • Have I just listened to 3 grown men get so excited about disney opening and playing on rides. All this whilst totalitarianism becomes entrenched, this is insanity by definition. Bodies of men, minds of kids! Best wishes.

    • @Taijifufu Im sorry, I did not realize your age, we obviously cannot know when entering conversation and I have no intention of influencing your childhood in anyway, that is for your parents. Best wishes and good luck.

    • @Jimmy Corkhill ok you go watch from a distance. Sounds _way_ more boring than Disneyland, but that's your right.

    • @Taijifufu Is that the same as enabling and supporting the fascism? To be honest, I dont really care if you want to hide in your games and virtual worlds whilst your freedom is eradicated, that's your right to choose. Im well out of it, Ill watch your fate from a distance. Just hope when you take the final download from reality they dont switch you off! Best wishes.

    • "How can you sit there eating dinner with your family? Don't you know bad things are happening in some places at least some of the time, all of the time?!"

  • You have so much potential in reality, why on earth do you want and try to be so virtual and fake? Best wishes.

    • @Clay Mann because they are infected with a mind virus? Ahh, that explains it, poor souls! Best wishes.

    • @belly tripper doesnt make it any less of a pandemic


    • because pandemic.

  • Slightly weird no legs

  • RIP Michael Collins

  • MAH LEGS!!!! MAH LEGS!!!!!

  • I usually listen to the audio version but based on the intro I came to look at the video for this amazing new setup and it feels a lot different this way

  • "MY EEEEYYYES!" XD Well, this is fun. Hahah. Idk how I feal about this. 🎩👌

  • It’s less of a hassle to get VD running than the Airlink. For airlink to work u have several tabs and steps to get through to get the link up with Quest. VD is literally one step to launch streamer app and one step to launch quest app. I noticed quality is better in VD too. The one nice positive about Airlink is that it can play any game from both steam and oculus. I can finally use Quill VR and have a great experience with Batman Arkham VR which just would not work on VD. Nice to have options

  • Surprised y'all aren't all vaccinated and meeting in person

    • @m f yeah to be fair I made this comment early in the vid before having watched through, should have come back and deleted it

    • We haven't had our second doses yet - so still in that 'tweener phase.

    • Need to watch and listen. Second dose is month after first. They have not had second dose.

    • I was thinking that as well. I mean the other thing is don’t they know who they are hanging around since there is such a small staff that it should not be difficult to meet up in person to do the show by this point.

  • Now you have finished another series you can pickup "Impossible" or belatedly get on board with "The Expanse"

    • I've been on the Expanse train the whole time. On my biweekly Twitch streams, we did a science breakdown from Season 1 (jump to 1:43:00 to get to the science).

    • ..."invincible"....cough

  • Uncanny valley! Look forward to seeing yous all as MetaHumans next week, Ready Podcast One! :)

  • VR Minute 54:27

    • Thanks! The VR minute is always one of my favorites

    • Wow, no mention of the SideQuest android app. Slow clap.

  • There are more submarines in the water then planes in the sky

  • There are more planes in the water than there are submarines in the sky

    • Llegó el japonés, Toyota Corolla! Bonito como el solo y jala como un campeón Tracción delantera, independiente suspensión! Toyota Corolla Tremendo motor de larga duración, 4 cilindro 1600! Toyota Corolla Potencia sin restricción y suave su dirección! Es Grande en economía, pero camina millión! Toyota Corolla El mejor carro del mundo entero ha llegado a Venezuela! La mejor tecnología, obra en gran maestría! Llegó el japonés, Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla, el milagro japonés TOYOTA COROLLA

    • 3 Hardest things to say I was wrong I need help Worcestershire Sauce

    • golly he's right.🤔

  • YAY Everyone made it this week!