How to Make a Fake Frosty Beer Bottle!

Publicerades den 29 apr 2021
In this behind-the-scenes production video, Joey shows us how he prepped a beer bottle to look perfectly frosty and icy cold for his spec commercial shoot. Using off the shelf products like surf wax, glycerin, and salt, you can make any glass bottle look like it was just pulled out of an ice chest and stay that way for the duration of a photo or video shoot!
Goo Gone adhesive remover:
Sticky bump surf wax:
Encapso K silicone display rubber:
Atmosphere fog spray:
Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Thanks for watching!


  • Goo Gone adhesive remover: Sticky bump surf wax: Glycerin: Encapso K silicone display rubber: Atmosphere fog spray:

    • hi Adam, how you doing

  • “Not sponsored” 😂

  • That was fun! I could say lots of things, but fun is the highest praise I could give!

  • I'm thinking Nuka-Cola Quantum.

  • I want this to be a real commercial, great job

  • So... commercials fool customers? What a shocker 😅

  • Very nice work Joey! The end result is awesome and the commercial is very good!

  • shhhhhh -- don't give away the secrets

  • I've had that beer. It is really good.

  • 85 people were mad they couldn't drink it afterwards..

  • Great video! Thanks for the tips.

  • Nice job, Chris Pratt

  • Most wax for cars is liquid so it's real easy to spread around evenly. I haven't tried it on glass but my car stays wet hours after it rains

  • This was awesome! How come we don't see more of Joey?

  • I need a beer

  • I love that I somehow called the glycerin.

  • i love your one day custom builds honestly wish i could pay u to do one for me

  • I so want to use this effect on a bottle full of hot tea

  • Adam looks different

  • The gold standard for ice props is Trengove studios in NYC. They make several levels of ice cubes, but the acrylic ones are the best... totally random shapes and very highly polished ... they look very real in liquid. Serious food shooters would keep them in a pelican case and treat them like diamonds. Nobody left the set till they were all back in the case. 🤨

  • My inner Homer suddenly wants a beer.✌

  • I forgot Tested was more than just Adam

  • Cool

  • thank you !!!because every days i need to make Fake Frosty Beer Bottle! it's very usefull.

  • I have zero reason to know any of these techniques but it was really fun to learn!

  • Awesome work, Joey!

  • Hell ya! More of this content!!

  • Why 57 dislikes?, Why are you here?

  • This was pretty nifty!

  • cool "commercial" but why the horned helmet? That's a Wagner trope.

  • Hey Adam Savage I’ve always wondered after seeing the spot robot dog video on there Boston dynamics chanle how water proof spot really is out of the box and if it is truly 100% water proof then can it walk under water and still work?

  • I'm sooooo thirsty now... :-O

  • For the little ice crystals, you can use the absorbent crystals from the inside of a baby diaper.

    • @Slop Hole The point is to use an unused diaper. Whatever works for you though 👍

    • or just drink the sweet tangy nectar directly from a used baby diaper and cut out the middle man

  • Love these behind the scenes episodes. keep them up!

  • Boy I’m sure thirsty know...

  • cool

  • BEER!

  • Joey!

  • that was really interesting. and the spec commercial at the end was pretty funny too. the hat was a nice touch.

  • Now i want to buy beer...

  • Thank you and nice video -Iv wondered about this for a long long time and from my nerdy youth where I made sci-fi terrain for a miniature wargame (warhammer 40.000)

  • This is noted as not a real commercial and not affiliated with Einstock.....but they'd be foolish if they didn't make your phone ring and change that!

  • I got excited I thought this was a video about Making prop glass for breaking onscreen either way id love to see more vids like this

  • Do a video on how to shoot video of humans not being stupid.


  • Einstök - a brilliant brew! I had a couple a while back🍻

  • I'm going to say this wrong... And then does a pretty good job.

  • Why are there dislikes...what about this video is bad? It's just a demo on how make frosty glass

    • Probably because people subscribed to this channel to watch Adam Savage doing stuff in his cave and not whoever this guy is. I'm sure hes a great guy but he isn't the reason we are here.

  • Err you don't serve Pale Ale ice chilled... 😬😋

  • Was waiting to see Adam, but this guy is good!

  • Prop videos like this are awesome! Love them! Keep it up with these quick prop videos tested

  • Iceland is about 2000 kilometers away from the nearest Polar Bears though ;)

    • That's because they kicked them out with their famed icelandic fierceness :D

  • Interesting... now show us how you reversed the aging process, Adam!

  • Thanks Joey, send more tips & tricks our way!

  • I worked in video production in the 90's and we had to shoot a few beer commercials. One trick I learned about back lighting through the bottle is you can also cut out a beer bottle shaped piece of foam core and mount it behind the bottle several inches away. The front lighting will reflect the light off of it and back through the bottle. Good for when you don't have the option of having a light back there due to space or composition.

    • Another option is some silver foil on the back.

  • I love the ice special affect look like it was popcorn popping.

  • Hi everybody

  • Fun

  • Never thought every beer commercials I’ve seen was tricking me. No wonder my beer never looks that majestic

    • @CEO At Crystalsoft not everything is a conspiracy, of course companies are going to make their products look good in advertisements to sell said product.

    • Are you serious? You are fooled by corporations then because no commercial is real. TV is not real. Hollywood is not real. Stop falling for the lies of news, corporations, and and big creator

    • No CGI allowed, its all practical effects.

  • cool

  • now i want a fresh beer

  • More Joey! (Less Will) on this channel please!

    • @rdouthwaite Yes, and yet still manages to contaminate the podcast often as a "stand in" when one of the regulars can't make it. If only he would stay gone... Could we not have Joey as a stand-in on the podcast instead of ear-cancer Will please? Pretty please with sugar on top.

    • Will's been gone a while now.

  • Amazing! Thanks Joey!

  • "Einstök" is actual word. Unlike "Hagendass", which means nothing. Or if "Dass" means a toilet in vernacular Norwegian and "Hage" is chin, it means "Facetoilet". We have yummy Scheisse for you and your Face Toilet.

  • Stay frosty!

  • Wow here early!!

  • Cheers Joey, nice one.

  • Very cool tips! Thank you for sharing! Loved seeing the final product at the end

  • Not what I was expecting, but, a cool video all the same. Thank you.

  • MMmm... Wiggly Ice?

    • I noticed that too

    • In 1912, shortly after the Titanic disaster, the international Cold Emporium passed a ruling preventing such a disaster from ever happening again... I'm suprised you hadn't heard (small cubes are exempt)

    • was my only complaint to that... wiggling away :) but overall pretty cool Joey.

  • Milly vanilly?

  • Yo Adam Savage looking different

    • The glasses, it worked for clark kent

    • His hair is way too tame today. I think thats the issue.

  • Wow I really got here early

  • hi

  • Belíssimo trabalho. Assistindo no Brasil.

  • Is that a gluten free fake beer???

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    • You cant see that stuff your full of shit. get a real hobby kid. chasing internet points is a dead end.