How the Mythbusters Flatus Containment Device Works!

Publicerades den 26 apr 2021
Adam shares one of his favorite builds that he made for a Mythbusters episode: the Flatus Containment Device used to capture farts. This device has just returned to him after being on tour with the Explosive Exhibition, and Adam walks us through how it works, the origin of its name, and how it was used on the show!
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Shot by Adam Savage
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    • Hell no, it took 6 minutes to get to the topic on an 9 min video. Dream on and get deleted from suggestions

    • @George V. Cohea That's awesome, thanks for posting the link!

    • Did you deliberately stick that The Thing head spider back there? Love the show by the way. Everything you own is a grail for me

    • The clip of Craig Ferguson being gifted a fart sample is too unforgettable to leave out. Mythbusters were very generous to him over the years.

  • I love how he takes a deep breath in before signing off. A nice touch, my good sir.

  • Thanks for reminding me of that exhibition, which we saw with our then-early-teens kids at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. They LOVED it - especially the run-thru-the-rain piece! ❤️

  • If there's gut bacteria that doesn't produce methane then why don't we just inject it into every cow's ass at birth? Then they won't produce methane and we can take that argument away from vegans.

    • Plus vegans live on earth too, so they'll enjoy the lesser greenhouse gas levels too.

  • The real question is: I there a fart in there currently?

  • I would think you would just use suction created by a void like an oversized syringe with a funnel. I'll have to watch this episode.

  • 3:14 "ladies and gentlemen" that whole bit was straight from South Park, I could see Randy presenting a similar machine.

  • Would this double as a bong? Asking for a friend

  • Is there a fart in there now?

  • What is you trap the fart in green resin?

  • Why has Adam taken on a sort of mad scientist quality with his frizzy hair

  • Brilliant.

  • Some scientists are researching black holes and deep space exploration. Not Adam. Fart science that’s where the moneys at that’s the future.

  • Oh my , sooooo much memories . when I was still a little kid , watching Adam in a cold bathtub , catching a tiny bubble from his body while I and my family was eating breakfast ( ´∀`)

  • I’ve noticed in quite a few videos lately, do we have a new mill? What happened to the Bridgeport??

  • But that hair!!! Adam, do yourself a favor and buzz it down. You'll love it

  • We took the kids to go see it in Portland, OR a few years ago and they loved it!

  • The farts episode was the first episode of Mythbusters my family ever saw and we ended up canceling our plans for the day to watch the whole episode. Thanks for the memory ❤

  • Ah. Harvesting farts. In the name of scientific advancement. Gotta love it.

  • I cant fricken breath

  • That's not a j-head Bridgeport mill behind you...

  • Wow. That is great. I am a 48 year old child. Did you capture it underwater?

  • I think a butt-plug with a tube would work much better.

  • now to paint the fart green :)

  • Fried mushrooms and carbonation. When you know, you know.

  • Egon Spengler would be proud.

  • you can't say fart on tv? da fuck?

  • Ever thought of building an 'inflatable flatus flagilator'...? I feel it fits with the theme.😅😜

  • I worked the exhibition in San Jose, CA. Man that was the funniest thing we had. But every day we all ended up glowing because of running/walking through rain

  • Hahahaha

  • in the episode you lamented the low temperature of the bath water. why couldnt you add any heat to make it more comfortable? surely a kettle wasnt far away

  • I'm upset to this day that I missed the mythbusters exhibition at the Telus World Of Science in Edmonton.

  • Whenever I think about mythbusters, TO THIS DAY i remember running through the rain in the explosive exhibition as a kid. :)

  • How did you guys not build a testing device with a whoopie cusion filled with some appropriate gas/scent mixture? You know, just to demonstrate the validity of the Flatus Containment Chamber (FCC), and show it full of hot air? ;)

  • 99% of "impossible" things are only impossible, because we choose to believe other people when they say they're impossible. Nothing "impossible" is ever proven otherwise by someone who hasn't learned to ignore conventional wisdom and think for themselves.

  • Just how much chili did you eat ? Seen a SElists video that made me think of Mythbusters. Does putting a twist in ratchet strap weaken it ? No. A knot, yes !!!

  • Mythbusters ended over 3 years ago. Adam, you need to learn a new song.

  • US TV can't say Fart must say Flatus. UK TV

  • I'm shocked you skipped the opportunity to call it the flatus apparatus

  • "Bring it on home"

  • I’m not surprised your proud of this, as an engineering student and a juvenile who laughs at his own fart jokes I can say that this is one of the best myth busters world firsts I’ve ever seen

  • The video shake made me dizzy

  • As someone who watched the series growing up religiously to the point where you couldn't wait to sit down and watch it with your family because it was just the best of both worlds, educational and fun, it's nice to still the legacy still thriving and I miss it so much. I always wondered what happened to those busted, confirmed, and plausible signs. I'd so get one and have that be on my wall because it told a story.

  • ... and it's even metric! ☁️👍

  • The exhibition was so great. I got to sit on the phone book swing!

  • I don't know if it was intentional but seeing the word "Analized" in the top text box elicited a snort.

  • That's so funny

  • Hey Adam, just watched The Simpsons episode of Mythbusters and was curious how many toilets do you think you've destroyed through Mythbusting? 😂 Been watching since I was a child! You are the reason I love working with my hands!

  • So it kicked your butt?

  • whos fart is currently housed in the apparatus?

  • But the real question is that picket of air a captured fart still?

  • That’s a proud papa 🤣

  • easy for me, just give me dairy.. lol

  • Adam, softly, during an episode of Mythbusters: "fart" Discovery: "WHOA, G-GOLLY, THAT'S A REAL NO-NO WORD! YOU BETTER NOT SAY THAT IN YOUR SHOW!" seriously though do corporations ever just feel so embarrassed about some of the rules they enforce? Or do they genuinely think saying the word "fart" on a show that regularly tested methods of killing people will put viewers into cardiac arrest? Fuck's sake.

  • Was there any relationship between the design for this device and the design for the infamous device to detect Kari's gas?

  • Why would you go through all that when you can simply light your farts directly from the source with a Bic lighter to produce the magical "Blue Angels"? I'd recommend keeping your clothes on. Kids, don't try this at home! It's safe only for trained professional fart lighters

  • Couldn't you have just made a plug with a channel and attached it to a balloon?

  • Its easy to catch farts in the morning, in the blanket. Way better when your fiancée and you work together. So, don't smoke in bed in the morning.

  • SOOOO calling them Chanel #2 from now on...

  • Okay, Adam, you got the laugh

  • Did Adam get a new mill?

  • I’m a older physics student and a fan. I’d love it if you’d talk about that bogus 9/11 Myth Busters experiment you guys did years ago, and how you feel about it now.

  • That's the most complicated "fart in a jar" I've ever seen.

  • Producers gotta Produce.

  • You should try and collect enough to run a diesel engine for about 30 seconds

  • On that episode you read out a list of different ways to say fart, my favorite was "voice of the toothless one" it was just so funny.

  • Does anyone know where I can watch all the episodes of mythbusters they only have like 3 seasons on Hulu but I know there were many more seasons

    • @Adam Savage’s Tested holy crap you replied 😧. That’s awesome, I doubt you’ll end up seeing this but it was great seeing you live in reading a few years ago while you were doing your mythbusters tour, I have an amazing time seeing the show 😅 have a great day


  • That is the best like dislike ratio I’ve ever seen on SElists 😂🔥

  • Part way through this the video was interrupted by the usual advertisement. Appropriately it featured someone cooking a fiery curry.

  • I'd visit a mythbusters museum if I ever went to san fransisco.

  • Chanel #2 is the greatest name for a fart that I have ever heard.

  • This may be a unique design, but I recall a scholarly paper from the 1970s (in the Journal of Cereal Chemistry) regarding the volume and composition of flatus. IIRC, they simply used an airtight bag with an adhesive seal around the source, and waiting for nature to take its course. (I suppose it was something like a Whoopie Cushion.) The collected samples were (IIRC) passed through a gas chromatograph, and correlated against recent dietary intake. Ah, memory. It's amazing, isn't it?

  • it was actually adams kids science fair project...

  • Wait wait wait... Is.... Is there still flatus IN the device???

  • There's a lot of flatulence in the universe, even the vacuum has a stink, it's own "aroma", supposedly.

  • So has the Flatus Containment description had analized misspelt for 10 years, or is that some weird US spelling from a very specific county somewhere around San Francisco? PS. I don't recommend Googling the spelling if you're at work.

  • Oh I would love to see someone calculate the speed of farts, ie the speed the smell travels in a normal room. Or the ISS lol

  • "the flatus pocket"

  • Gives new meaning to the term back door bugle.😂

  • AND Here I thought we made it past that episode! LOL LOL LOL Thanks for that share.

  • why will we not be allowed to say the word "Fart"?

  • Looks like it's been used recently. Hmmm?

  • I was with my uncle, you know the trope the one that everyone hates? We stopped at a bank on a road trip and the uncle decided to play a joke on the teller. He went to drive through with the tube and took the canister out put his check in it and then pulled down his pants and ripped a big one. Then quickly closed the lid and sent it. when the teller opened it her face went from smiling to a grimace so fast you thought she had seen her parents in heat. She then said “ is there anything els I can do for you?” Uncle replied “know thanks you’ve done enough.” And drove away. Needless to say he’s become estranged from the family and I’m ok with that.

  • So, I think if you were to plum the flatus canister into your airbrush's air line you may be able to paint it green... or you'd have a fartbrush.

  • “Chanel no.2” 🤣

  • Not necessarily something to be proud of! I mean it's a machine that cups a fart!! I would call that 'strike one off the life goals list!' 🤣🤣

  • I'd love to make one of these... Display case and all. Talk about a conversation starter.

  • do you (Adam Savage) have any of the Busted, Plausible or Confirmed signs?

  • So THAT is how they get the bubbles in spirit levels?

  • MAKE A VIDEO WITH TOM STANTON HERE ON SElists! You are a genius. He is a genius. What could possibly go wrong? Failure is always an option!

  • Compress the captured flats until it freezes, then paint it green. ;-)

  • If you find the right kind of aerosolized dye, you *should* be able to paint your captured fart green

  • Finally, the great flatus apparatus 😂

  • It was by me but never got to see it sadly

  • Are you on Coke?

  • It's a gasy person, I think about this device, all the time.

  • Train engines are cool

  • I think the best one you guys did was the how to clear cement have a cement truck that was the best one I think

  • Why the fuck am I watching this!

  • 7:02 clearly this man has never eaten an entire bag of clementines in one sitting