Enter the Infinite Office - This is Only a Test 595 - 4/15/21

Publicerades den 15 apr 2021
Will guests this week as we discuss the major new features of the Oculus Quest 2's impending V28 software release and review the latest episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Plus, what we hope to see out of Apple and HTC's upcoming virtual events, and our hopes for Disney's mysterious lightsaber design!
Thanks to Will for guesting this week! Check out his chat with Kishore about the latest on vaccines at techpod.content.town/
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  • 0:00 Intro 9:52 Top Story 31:46 Pop Culture News 33:40 Spoiler Talk 44:55 End of Spoilers 51:02 Technology News 1:06:45 Outro

  • Very glad you are alive Norm. We love having you around.

  • Great PSA, get the JAB take the vaccine, It hurt but you'll get over it. Miracle.

    • THANK YOU TRUMP for moving the vaccine quickly through the FDA trials.

  • We need projections back

  • 26:28 Kishore discovers the bumps on the F and J keys.

  • 24:55 Holy crap, I already have that keyboard!! Bought it about 7 years ago and still going strong with it. Imma definately getting a Quest 2 now!

  • Great show, If you guys like The Boys, you'd probably really enjoy Invincible (animated grim dark superhero show, it's really really good).

    • I'll have to check them out. Maybe from book depository, bookstores are so expensive in Australia!

    • I am loving it so far. It's a challenging watch ala the Boys, but IMO better. Source comics are also highly recommended!

  • Aaaaaannnnnnd Will's disappointment of no Dubstep

  • Are you guys ever not short on time? Sheesh.

    • probably not when the guy that runs the podcast has a couple of babies to take care of

  • I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about getting the vaccine. 😁

  • Allthough fake cap murdered that guy pretty brutally, its not like sam/falcon has not been muderings fools as well. The action is fun im just not buying into the world like i did with wandavision. With only two eps left i feel like its breadth took away from its depth

  • That Close Encounters featurette at the theaters was total bullshit. My wife had never seen the movie and this was suppose to be the perfect way for me to show her and they pull that shit.

  • The metals are different. They should be kept different. Vibranium claws would just upset people.

  • I decided I didn't want a sore arm. So when my turn came I released the seat belt, dropped trou, and stuck my butt out the drivers side door an looked over my shoulder and said "stick it anywhere." Tazers suck.

  • Lol I installed tile stickers to my girlfriends headphones, the best thing I have done so far lol

  • I’d like to see more old games ported to quest 2 seeing how doom3 runs on it, or ports like Rez. How amazing would burnout or vice city be ...just read RE4 is coming, and I hope it opens the floodgates

    • I NEEEED Aliens vs Predator (1999) 😁👍

  • Yess...Will!

  • Oh gawd, Will's here again. Podcast rendered instantly unwatchable. Thumbs down, see you next week.

    • @2000jago more is more is MORE! Keep it up!

    • @Toff E I'm all for "helping" Tested video's engagement ratings. The goal of expressing disdain for Will is not to "harm" tested content in any way. If my added "engagement" makes Will's content MORE popular, then so be it. But none of that detracts from my right to express an opposing opinion and if Will's appearances become MORE regular as a result then I will continue to express my opinion on the matter MORE regularly. @mekugi _ Funny you should say that, I too have started to enjoy Adam less and less of late. I have a theory for why that is, but I'll save it for another post where the Adam fanboys can go after me, this one is just for the Will fanboys to get all flustered over nothing.

    • I used to be anti-Will, but he's growing on me. Definitely an acquired taste. It was mainly his interactions with Adam that put me off, but the more I've watched/listened, the more Adam annoys me (massive narcissistic tendencies) and the less Will does. Go figure.

    • 👍 You are encouraging comments thus helping tested get better engagement on the video's that have Will in, awsome work dude!

    • Ur not alone. I can't stand Will. Best thing ever happened to this pod cast was when he left tested. I just wish he would stay gone.

  • I wanna see the raptor finished!!

  • Can we stop with making fun of vegans please.

    • If you would do that, any comedy is going to cease to exist. It should always be respectful and in context, yes, but not forbidden.

    • Why?

    • Curious as to why? It is a choice that anyone can make; has, I believe, excellent health benefits for people... why not make fun of it?

  • I listen to a lot of podcasts while i work, 99% invisible, reply all, this american life, radio lab, all great.. but i think this is the one i listen to every episode most consistently, dont ever go away guys!

  • I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccination on Tuesday April 6th in Florida. I did a walk in at a church where a large group of National Guard were guarding the building in and out. I took 30 minutes start to finish to do a walk-in with no appointment. I only felt it strange in the arm for 10 minutes. My Mom who came in 30 minutes after me also had the Johnson & Johnson vaccination and her arm and face went numb and her blood pressure went up from the vaccination. My Mom is a little overweight so I don’t know if being overweight can have negative effects from Covid shots vs younger person with fewer health issues.

  • 1:04:30 short VR minute

    • Top story has oculus news as well

  • 0:00 Intro 9:53 Top Story 31:47 Pop Culture News 51:04 Technology News 1:06:46 Outro

  • Wow, robo comments much? Ah well, hello fellow humans!

  • Hello

  • Nice 👍

  • Dopamine!

  • Good Video Adam! Love these videos!

    • @chex313 Yes.....Your right

    • How is he responsible? The only thing on that site that is good is tested(Norm Jerry and Kushore)...

  • First