Ask Adam Savage: "Why I Actually Hate Duct Tape"

Publicerades den 2 maj 2021
Tested member Aurelio Paez asks, "We all love duct tape. What's the best duct tape brand for you?" Here's Adam's perhaps surprising (well, to MythBusters fans, anyway) answer. Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:
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  • Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question: Nashua aluminum tape: Nashua duct tape: Rosco gaffer tape: Gorilla duct tape: Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

    • Gorilla Brand is some nice stuff

    • @Sam Miller Yep. It wasn't until after ww2 when having duct work in your house was more common that it began to be called duct tape.

    • @olstar18 Are you sure that's not reversed?

    • The thing is it is duck tape. The name duct tape came later.

    • Ah, crap, I suck at master licenses. I like Nashua aluminum for permanent gas vents. But IPC is the best temporary “duct” tape I’ve found, as long as you don’t use it for ducts, pipe, or tubing. But on the weekend, for the band I work for, when we do live full band shows, nearly any brand of gaffer is the absolute best option. Tape is fascinating, and no tape is universal. I hate and love all tapes simultaneously, just for my own darn opinion.

  • Open your duct tape storage, sign them, and sell them for charity :)

  • Friendship ended with duct tape, now gaff tape is my best friend.

  • Imo while you're completely right that there is no job that duck tape can do that another material can't do better. However it is unique in it's ability to be sufficient in as many jobs as it is. Making it a good edc adhesive

  • Its all about the gaffer tape, or gaffa, as we call it. Nichiban all the way baby!

  • I find duct tape is remarkable at temporary hot fixes but as anything more it is lackluster

  • I repeated some joke about duct tape being awesome and good for everything as a kid and my dad who worked in TV his whole life was genuinely annoyed and basically dropped a roll of gaffer tape on the table and said duct tape is shit.

  • What duct tape is good for are quick TEMPORARY jobs. In that sense, it is an all around generic. If there's a need, duct tape is a good option. If you want to do things better or longer term, stay miles away from it. I also agree that gaff tape is far better.

  • Wrap your duct tape on the holster of your multitool instead

  • Check the price difference of G-tape Vs D-tape. Both work. There is a reason why Duct Tape is called "Kentucky Chrome."

  • Duct tape is pretty awful for specific use, but it sure can stop bleeding in an emergency when applied correctly

  • Next we'll find out he doesn't use WD-40 on everything!! ;)

  • Red Green begs to differ!

  • You clearly never hold someone hostage.

  • Yeah, if you're a serious maker, there's always something better than duct (or duck) tape: stronger, more permanent, more suitable, etc. If you're in a serious emergency, like in the middle of a play or stuck on a roadside, sure, duct tape is good enough at several things to get you home.

  • Why would you seal a duck? Do you intend to mail/ship it? If so why are you mailing/shipping a duck? They can fly! Just tape a GPS to them!

    • Also in Britain we call it "Gaffa" tape, and to us that and duct tape are the same thing

    • Duct tape is more like a jack of all trades general purpose stuff, rather than more specialized, and expensive, stuff

  • That blue paper/painting tape or nothing at all. Duct tape is too sticky! Can't be easily removed!

  • Can't use foil tape on flex duct. You want to seal ducts, use fiber infused duct sealant and Panduit (giant zip ties) straps.

  • Sorry Adam but Watney said that "Duct tape is magic, and should be worshiped" 😉

  • I want to see this side by side with the red green show

  • Now I want to hear what Adam thinks I should use instead of cling film for sealing dishes. I've never been so frustrated trying to use cling film for anything. Even tin foil does a better job of sealing than cling film.

  • Supposedly you can turn duck tape into fiberglass.

  • duct tape is like the wish "i was i was average at everything" bright side it's extremely versitile. dark side it isn't great at anything.

  • I think I've value of duct tape is not that it's particularly good at anything, but it's decent for a lot of things when you don't have a better option available.

  • Duct tape is useless. Gaffer tape is what people mean when they sslay duct tape. Cloth tape.

  • Gorilla brand adhesive products are the perfect example of how marketing and brand image matter more to the consumer than functionality. Just because something is impressive, does not mean it’s universally useful. Nearly every Gorilla brand product I have used is 9-10 times stronger is actually necessary; putting the join beyond the thresh-hold of diminishing returns. Whenever the bonding agent is stronger than the things you are bonding together, you are creating new stress points. With Gorilla brand adhesives, relatively few household projects register that high on the scale.

  • I'm sure Adam probably wont see this but for anyone wondering how to pronounce "Paez" it's phonetically sorta like "pie-yez", (one syllable, pie like the food and yez like the word 'yes' but you put a little zzz sound on the end).

  • In Germany we call Cloth Tapes "Panzer Tape". I think it's used for Duct Tape and Gaffer Tape interchangeably.

  • Tell that to my 2007 Toyota Tacoma which currently sits in my driveway with one rear brake light assembly held together by duct tape and brake light tape

  • Me just sitting fanning over the mandalorian suit in the background, and looking up if I missed the video he made it in. It looks so cool oh my gosh

  • Everything he says, he mispronounces.

  • The only thing worse than duct tape is the clear U-Haul tape near the checkout; it doesn't stick to cardboard. Literally the sole reason for its petty existence, it can't stick to. Masking tape holds better! 🤬

  • Years ago I heard a phrase that seared itself into my memory. Perfect is the enemy of good. For me Duct tape isn't perfect for anything, but it is good enough to usually get the job done. And it isn't as expensive as some brands out there. Now that I am older I am slowly changing my opinion on what "good" is. But Duct tape is a non-permanent fix to things that I need a temporary solution for. So yes while I use alumininimum tape for duct work. Duct tape still has a place in my junk drawer for quick fixes. Yes I know about the typo, but I tend to say it that way from time to time, so what's a guy to do?

  • Top ten anime betrayals

  • Adam savage blink twice if someone is controlling you.... theres no way he would say this after that episode if you could survive an island with only duct tape!!!

  • I'm a big fan of packaging tape myself.

  • BLASPHEMY ! 😥😒☹🥵😡🤬 Duct tape is an holy substance. It comes from heaven.

  • I use gaffers tape at home and at work

  • "100mph" tape, WW2 tape for sealing ammo cans. Became "Duck" tape. Then became "Duct" tape, but only one type was approved for duct work.

  • Damn, Adams getting a serious case of gynecomastia

  • When I was a young teen I thought duct tape was so cool that I coated my bike in it. Over the years it became a crusty, sticky, mummy bike. Truly awful.

  • I dont think its supposed to be good, its just kind of a catch all until you find a better solution

  • Do i hear.....HERESY

  • I feel like duct tape was intended to be more of a "temporary solution" material. It's supposed to hold something together until you can properly fix it. On another note: Is that a giant motorized Swiss Army knife in the background?

  • Yeah gaffer tape is like duct tape went to college, because it requires student loans to afford.

  • Duct tape works for everything. Just not very well or for very long.

  • What's the price difference?

  • Duct tape is not good at any 1 thing, it’s good at being there for you as a temporary fix for many things

  • Duct tape, because every fix is temporary.

  • Gaff for the win

  • "And that's for my old gaffer!" -Adam Savage, probably

  • Finally someone else who doesn't love duct(duck) tape. But I do love it for one thing - a cheap materiel to fasten garbage together to put out by the curb. ...saves me from using some useful plastic bags.

  • Everything that Adam said X2....BUT there is a "clear" Duct Tape (duct tape is a misnomer...40 years in the construction industry and I have never seen anyone use DUCT Tape on a metal duct...foil Tape only!) The Clear Duct Tape I carry on our sailboat for emergency sail has pretty good UV resistance and sticks like shit to a wool blanket! But regular Grey duct Tape...I probably have a half roll in my work shop or work truck and that is it!!! Good episode Mr Savage! Mike 🇨🇦

  • Fun fact: Duct tape is not the original name. It was called DUCK tape, cause it's water repellent. I'm not joking. Look it up

  • Sort of like Crescent style adjustable wrenches... they are the WORST tool for any situation. But they're a tool that will work in almost ANY situation, so it's the first to come out :P

  • In the same way that a Swiss Army knife is never the right tool for the job, duct tape is never the right tape. Given nothing else, I’d be thankful to have it around. For EDC, it is a perfect all0around utility tape. But sitting in Adam’s workshop, I’m not surprised this is his opinion, because he has a perfectly curated set of tools for just about any occasion.

  • I think I lot of people refer to any kind of tape that has both cloth and plastic in it as "duct tape" even though it doesn't always apply.

  • I hate duct tape, WD-40, and self-tapping screws.

  • The truth is, when most people say "Duct Tape", they mean "The type of sticky cloth tape I think of as duct tape." I personally * do * use it for everything, but only the cheapest, nastiest stuff I can buy because it is always for something I am going to cut apart in a few hours.

  • Gorilla tape is pretty good. It's def that or gaff. Standard duct tape is pretty far down on my temp fix solutions.

  • Hmm... I think the problem here is one of distinction: you say you hate "duct tape" then say you love "gaffer tape"; you say "Gorilla tape" isn't even comparable to "duct tape"; and even better, that "duct tape" isn't really "duct tape" "this is duct tape"... :-D I completely agree and completely disagree at the same time, simply because we're talking about different things. Where I'm from "duct tape" and "gaffer tape" are the same thing, Duck and Gorilla are just different brand flavours, and if you need to tape up a duct you can be sure we'd be using the "real duct tape" ;-) There's an old saying: "If it moves when it shouldn't, wrap it in duct tape; if it should move but it doesn't, spray it with WD40."

  • I feel like duck tape is kind of like Hot glue. It can do almost anything, but it's never the best glue for the job unless it is for something fast/built to be janky/temporary. I say this as a dude that uses both ducktape and hot glue like crazy. lol

  • 3:08 Adam's brain shut down for a moment

  • I couldn't agree more!

  • Reject duct tape. Embrace flex tape.

  • The name was actually originally duck tape because it's waterproof and it morphed over time.

  • Duct tape is great at being ''fine" for everything but there is a better option than duct tape for everything. I have 3 tapes in my tool bag. Alfa Flex - airtight builders tape that can flex and be slightly malleable also lasts for years Black gaffer tape - for all the mentioned reasons. Painters tape/thick masking tape - great for quick temporary fixes and leaves no residue at all.

  • CC: "The thing it's the worst at is literally its name Ducks it is horrendous on ducks don't ever use it for ducks... You want to seal up a duck?..." *runs away*

  • So in other words, duct tape isn't all it's quacked up to be? (Pun intended!)

  • I actually waited to make this comment and now I do not know why. You wanna know what duct/duck tape is good for and why I always have it around? Probably not.....but will tell you anyways. It may not be the right choice for any job - but when you only have once choice, it is the best choice to do any job. We can't carry around every type of tape out there at arms reach. I have taped up boots - and pants - in the field long enough to get out of the field. I taped up a vacuum to throttle body pipe/duct on a 1980 Landcrusier in the middle of no-where and gotten two weeks of driving from it while I waited on a part. I taped a radiator hose and got the 10 miles I needed without needing a tow. I've used it as double stick on wood while I was cutting it. I have fixed reference books with it that I still have and use. Was it the best choice? Yes....because it was the only choice. It is the worst choice for any job and the one tape you should always have handy. EDIT: I have gaffer tape (useful) - but it is not as versatile. It's not as sticky and isn't as water/dirt proof - the surface has to be dry and clean. Of course, I buy my gaffer tape at a contractor store - Adam may have a higher quality source. EDIT 2: NEVER use duct tape to tape up electrical splices - or anything electrical. One job it can't do. Trust me on that one - lol.

  • Duct tape is the perfect temporary clamp while you're putting on real clamps, but that's all duct tape should ever be. Temporary.

  • Who else wants to see the zombie net made with duct tape?

  • 2:23 HOW DID HE KNOW

  • I am partial to the military riggers tape. The stuff I used sounds more like gaffers tape than the duct tape I buy at the local Hardware store

  • Duct tape can do anything except be good at it's job

  • Duct tape really is a jack of all trades, master of none sort of product. If somebody could only have 1 tape, duct tape would be a decent choice as it will almost always work in a pinch. It'll never be the perfect solution, but it won't be the worst one either.

  • It dosn't do anything amazingly, but it can do a huge span of things ok. So if you can't justify having a bunch of kinds of tape, its a good thing to have on hand.

  • I'm also not the biggest fan of duct tape. The one brand I actually use is basically on the border of being Gaffer's tape. It's called T-Rex tape and it's some of the hardiest tape I've ever dealt with.

  • In my country, there is no duct tape at all, and all the engineering jokes with fixing something are about insulating tape... So it was very confusing for me first, to grasp what this tape really is😆

  • "giving multiple people the same material and watching them solve the same problem" So... when are we getting this show?

  • I've always seen duct tape as a sort of adjustable spanner. An adjustable spanner(talking about the Swedish style one) is a bad tool. But, because of it's versatility and it's size, it's the perfect thing to bring with you in your car to solve general problems. Would I rather have a large spanner set? Yeah, totally. Every day of the week. But just like you can't bring your entire cupboard of different tapes, you can't bring an entire set of spanners everywhere. Duct tape is basically the adjustable spanner of tapes. It works well enough for most things. "Jack of all trades, master of none" after all!

  • I thought Gaffertape and ducttape were the same thing and it simply was called different things in different countries. Learned something new. I am not sure I know what ducttape is, but I have used Gaffertape regularly.

  • Flex Seal’s tape (the as seen on Tv stuff) is easily the best tape for sealing purposes. Not sure if it’s good on actual ducts, but I’ve seen many contractors and maintenance guys use it as quick fixes that end up lasting longer than was ever intended.

  • Truth is, MythBusters was a show. Adam & Jaime played idealized characters of themselves.

    • First and foremost Mythbusters was for entertainment.

    • It was a great show with great characters but it wasnt a documentary and never claimed to be.

  • I love how the dude was probably expecting a "oh yeah 'Mr.Nasa' guy, i love it too, your clearly in the know and totally a pro too" and got the absolute opposite.

  • Counterpoint: duct tape is great for taping down your ducks

  • Someone transcript this and put it on a tshirt

  • pro gaff rules i literally love it.

  • I love how I just willingly listened to a seven minute long video of someone talking about duct tape...

  • This hits harder than an apology video

  • 7:01 lil jiggly

  • Not me about to rewatch all the myth busters duct tape episodes😂

  • Steve Smith must be SO disappointed......

  • I really don't like tape. I've never had gaffer's tape actually work, either. Then again, I've never bought a roll; only observed others' use of it and watched it effortlessly unstick from the floor it was supposed to be sticking electrical/audio cords to.

  • I carry gaffers tape in my EDC and got a free hotel stay because of it. Hotel shower was broke. No maintenance man and no other rooms. Gaffers tape to the rescue. Hotel staff was apologetic and gave me enough hotel points for another one night stay.

  • Adam is a man of permanence, not temporary solutions.

  • It's funny to hear Adam talk about the cultural cachet of duct tape and how Mythbusters used it, when for me growing up those episodes of Mythbusters WERE my cultural experience with the stuff. As a kid who swore by the stuff, I touted Mythbusters as the "proof that duct tape can do anything". Now as an adult and engineer, who has also realized that gaffer tape is much more useful, it's really fun to have Adam reaffirm my new stances while also giving me a new lens to remember those episodes through.

  • "Gaffer tape is like duct tape went to college and learned how to do it's job properly." I have never agreed more with a statement. Gaff tape for the win!!

  • Bottom Line: Don't use Duct Tape. If you really must, use Gorilla brand.

  • I've used more aluminum tape in the last decade than I have used duct tape in my lifetime