Ask Adam Savage: Which Myth Didn't Get the Love It Deserved?

Publicerades den 16 apr 2021
Tested member Cole Johnson asked Adam, "What myth did you enjoy the most that didn’t get as much love as other myths? My favorite is the bank heist and climbing in the air duct." Here's Adam's answer; what's yours? Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks:
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    • I showed this to my wife and your pure excitement. Her instant response, " How have Adam Savage and Alan Tudyk never done a show together?!?!" Adam please make this happen!!!

    • I am not an American but Archimedes Death Ray was one of my top 10 favourite Mythbusters episodes. I thought it was great that it seemed at last a more down to earth leader in America was seeming to actually take interest in education and learning with the average Joe. It is just sad though that in your country everything political is picked apart and seemed as a waste of time when something like this is meant to encourage the next generation of scientists and thinkers.

    • Huh, I didn't know Jamie was married. I always figured his species reproduced by spores released from the beret. Just kidding, I just miss those kind of jokes from the show.

    • I love that episode, I remember watching it when it came out and I have recently watched it again with my son.

    • Archimedes Death Ray is honestly one of my top 20 all time episodes. It was genuinely interesting and I was shocked and even excited that President Obama was involved in it. And it has one of the great memorable lines by Jamie. "I'm standing in our death ray and... I'm not dead yet." Wonderfully delivered in that dry, nearly laughing out loud tone that he does when he seems amused. I rewatched it about a month ago because of how much I enjoyed it

  • Seeing how Trump tweeted more than 25,000 times during his presidency and golfed more than Obama in the first few months I'd say the criticism for Obama taking 17 minutes for a science show is laughable.

  • O was pandering so hard. That's why. Lol.

  • High expectations are almost never met, the pre press coverage is probably the issue!

  • Archimedes death ray was one of my favorite episodes as a kid, need to rematch it soon.

  • wait, so you're telling me that out of all the myths you presented...the Obama Administration chose the DEATH RAY?

  • I somehow missed that this was a thing! I'm going to have to go find it now!

  • one thing i think we can all agree on is that obama was the worst president of the last decade at least

  • One of the funniest moments of myth busters is from that episode, Jamie stands right in the death ray and says “I don't think our death ray is working. I'm standing right in it, and I'm not dead yet." with the perfect delivery.

  • Yeah… hate to break it to you Adam but the average American does not view the presidency as the god figure that Hollywood and mainstream media views him/her. In fact, most Americans know exactly what is going on when tuning into their favorite show. The last thing they tend to want to see is some political (i.e. the president) figure trying to win over the American voter in whatever why they think will work. Hollywood will never learn nor the media.

  • Why is Adam so cool

  • back then, "the President of the United States" was a big deal

  • I remember the episode and it just sucked. I never liked Obama, I actually hate the man. But that wasn't the problem It was the other myth that Kari, Grant, Tory was working on, It just sucked. I think the entire episode should have been dedicated to Obama myth and the entire Team should have been working on it. Also I feel like the myth was not tested thoroughly. I also believe the myth is still possible. Just look at Genesis Solar Project in Blythe, California. Maybe tested should take a trip to its facility and rethink Obama myth!

  • Loved Mythbusters but the death ray episodes were some of my least favorite. The actual myth just isnt that good.

  • Is that a God damn ruler tattoed on his arm!? 🤣😂🤣🤣

  • "The Archimedean Death Ray we did with President Obama." Imagine being able to just say this casually and none of it being a lie.

  • i always loved that episode. james bond special was another favourite

  • Hearing that the US President was involved in these mad scientists' attempt to create a death ray, I can't help thinking of this: We created the death ray to help mankind! Not destroy it!

  • Barry obama will go down in history books as one of the worst presidents in U.S history.

  • I remember seeing a commercial for the Obama Myth, I remember it not being obvious what the myth was which was why I didn't actively seek it out.

  • Wow I never even knew that existed or you filmed with Obama. Will have to check it out! Certainly would've back in the day if I had a clue.

  • Sharks VS magnets needed more testing there was so much more data to gain.

  • I didn't love it because you had already done it before doing it again with the President.

  • Maybe Adam’s production experience makes him see the TV episode differently than us just as viewers. To me that episode was not refined, and had a little too much unnecessary and useless information, but it was OK.

  • The death ray was one of my favorites, too.

  • The only thing I didn't like about the death ray part II was the hype for it. The way the commercials had aired for the episode, I was expecting like some mind blowing idea, and instead we got President Obama saying, "Do the death ray again, but again." It just felt a little underwhelming in the end. I do agree that the death ray never got the attention it deserved, but in all honesty I don't see how the time budget would have fit it in.

  • I remember that episode, it really was a bit middling, but not a bad one by an means, the presidents appearance was really cool and really cemented in my mind that Mythbusters was more than just a TV show, but it felt a bit token. If Obama was had more of an active role in the episode, like if he pulled a lever to blow something up, than that would've been absolutely incredible.

  • Obama. Meh.

  • So what do we learn about this, MSM made all this noise and then the America public didn't want to see Obummer because the liberals don't support any of their own shit and the conservatives didn't give a fook to watch it.

  • So weird to think of them in a room, pretending to have a conversation with Obama when he wasn't there, but to be spliced in later.

  • I remember episode with students but not remember Obama. Maybe Russian Discovery Channel cut up this part?

  • Sorry Adam that episode didn't get big attention because not many people like Obama. But it was a great episode and I liked it.

  • As divisive a President as Obama was it should have been no surprise that your ratings were disappointing. Outside of the cult following he had in the press he really wasn't that popular outside the bubble that is exists in California, NYC and DC.

  • Introducing Politics is probably what hurt the episodes ratings. People can't get over things like that and if I gave my honest opinion of Obama's terms as President, I'd be disowned by family. Granted idk to much of what he did but a lot of what I heard was bad sounded like herd mentality bs.

  • myth that didn't get the love it deserved: the one where you worked with the president and most news station reported on it....

  • The popularity of FOX news had something to do with it.


  • I remember the death ray. I did not remember Obama being involved. That's not the interesting part of the story!

  • So many people have become disillusioned by the scientific method and the scientific community, it’s days like these where we need SO MUCH for folks like Adam to bridge the gap and make science seem approachable and trustworthy to people who would otherwise reject it. Thank you for your continued service, sir!

  • I guessing that people who don't like Obama didn't tune in.

  • Until watching this video, I has no idea MythBusters had ever filmed an episode with President Obama. I'm a pretty big MythBusters fan, and a pretty big Obama fan (even though I'm up in Canada) and this never made news coverage on any level here. The poor ratings may have had nothing to do with the subject of the episode ...

  • Sometimes, the most well known or most often used metric is not nearly as important as it seems. Ratings aren't everything.

  • Jamie in the air duct never fails to make me laugh so hard I almost cry!

  • What’s Jamie up to these days? I don’t wanna invade his privacy, but I’d love to know if he’s doing ok. Highly respect and love the guy.

  • Oh the mirrors!!! I 'member that episode I don't really recall Obama's appearance tbh...

  • You mean the episode that was an obvious cheesy PR stunt for Obama (on a myth he didn’t even have the idea for), that was lapped up by the sycophants of the MSM - wasn’t that popular with the general public? Wow...shocker. 😳

  • Looking for the old students in the comments, don't mind me

  • Much as I loved the Mythbusters show. The death ray episode was lackluster. The myth was so implausible that the massive efforts that went into that episode, seemed a bit of wasted effort.

  • "Why, Thor, the god of thunder, is trying to enter my building!"

  • Your word choices are easily 90th percentile Adam; so next time, in the interest of humanizing yourself, try substituting "hype" for "advanced promotion".

  • Well, watching the episode right now I can say: it comes off as a bit underwhelming. Archimedes would have tested it in the field before deploying it. He would have increased the number of reflectors until it actually *worked* or he would have realized it wasn't practical and abandoned it. Just my two cents.

  • I'd probably guess that at least half of the country didn't like Obama, and thus also reflecting the reality of the ratings. Lastly, a good rule of thumb is you can't trust the media to reflect reality. They obviously hyped the show up because of Obama, and then when it happened, the actual audience didn't receive it well. Just how it happens.

  • My favorite myth? Obama was qualified to be president.

  • Ratings were low because more than half the country wanted nothing to do with him and watch you guys to escape politics and real world conflict to have fun and had no desire to give him any more attention. You would have had much better ratings keeping politicians off the screen.

  • Perhaps it was the fact that Obama is one of the worst presidents in history.....

  • The Archimedes Death Ray always needed one more test: parabolic mirrors. Greek shields were concave, so polishing the insides would have turned them into a parabolic mirror, not a flat mirror. I don't know if that would have changed anything, but it's the one missing piece to put that myth to rest, IMHO.

    • They used parabolic mirrors on the first revisit and determined that they were only good at setting fire to things at a specific distance.

  • Probably because you expected the your personal admiration for someone, and the presses devotion to that person to float a story.

  • "...Encinal High School, where Jamie's wife was a teacher for twenty years..." So THAT's why they were able to get access to that swimming pool for all the myths they tested in it.

  • I would love to see you work with Colin Furze on a crazy project.

  • Obama wasted his time in the White House not at Mythbusters!

  • They probably weren't bad episodes, more like the negative effect of the hype train.

  • it didn't rate well because the instant anything get's even remotely political, half your audience in GONE, and the mere mention of anyone occupying any official office, regardless of his or her actual involvement, is enough to taint it to anyone opposed

  • What the media wants you to like is not what the people want that should be painfully obvious these days. Mockingbird caw caw.

  • As soon as something involves an politician or a political view, the audience will be split. So this wasn't actually surprising.

  • Of course the Obama admin reached out. He was more interested in playing celebrity while steamrolling over the Constitution with executive orders then he was interested in working with Republicans. That's why he's such a polarizing figure. People either love him or despise him. You have you be totally removed from politics to have no opinion of him. I remember when this episode came out and I didn't watch it because it felt soooooo ham-fisted.

  • Who else finds it funny that the episode they did with the president of the United States.... Was about a death ray.... Murca'

  • I drove a motorcade van for President Obama for MIP's (Mildly Important People) and got to meet him. You could feel when he walked in the room because of how much charisma he has.

  • that's why you never wanna do ADVANCED advanced press for this kind of a TV the whole media blitz like a day or 2 before it airs, but NOT weeks in advance, like they did here! that was a tragic arrogant mistake, on the part of the Mythbusters PR flackies, they should've known better

  • Ahh. that kind of makes me wonder. Has anyone asked them if they thought there were any myths they DID do that they thought were crazy dumb? I personally thought the swing your arm really fast to curve bullets and run on water myths were face desk highlights.

  • I think the line "Oh no! The god of thunder is trying to break into my building" from the air duct episode is still the individual hardest I've laughed at a line

  • LOL, maybe the reason the episode fell flat ratingswise was the same reason it was dull to watch 2:30 of you describing how tickled you were to be in the presence of Mr Obama? I get it, you're ABSOLUTELY entitled to like the man, but your leg a-tingle doesn't translate to compelling either.

  • You nailed it... The corporate press LOVED Obama (by design). A huge majority of good, hard working Americans are completely disgusted by that human being & his politics. I myself watched the episode, under protest. Just being honest. He was too polarizing to be involved in your wonderful show. THAT is why it didn't get the "love" that the episode was "expected" to get. Americans are much more intelligent than the corporate media wants them to be.

  • Watching Jaime and his giant shoe magnets climb is one of the times in my life i laughed the hardest. I just had an uncontrollable residual laughter moment just thinking back on it.

  • I remember that Jamie was choked up during the scene with Obama. Adam was a consummate pro.

  • You mean it no wear near 'refracted' the advance press.

  • I showed this to my wife and your glee about Obama. Her instant response, " How have Adam Savage and Alan Tudyk never done a show together?!?!" Adam please make this happen!!!

  • I am still heartbroken that the fan's mirror was catastrophically broken by the trucking company in the first Archimedes death ray episode. I wanted to see that thing work!

  • >we had national press >ratings were only okay Thanks, Obama

  • I've always hated the "death ray" segments, and here's why: Ever since I was a little kid (and I'm over 50), I'd heard that the Greeks used mirrors to *drive enemy boats away from shore.* That's it; to drive the enemy away. The first time I ever heard anything about using mirrors to *set the boats on fire* was on the MythBusters show. You need to get the ray to over 500 degrees to set a boat on fire, but you only need to reach about 150 degrees to make sailors GTFO. And that is relatively easy to achieve. And I think the MythBusters' own experiments proved that it was totally plausible if the goal is simply to drive the enemy away.

  • Has anyone asked Adam why the german interpretation of Mythbusters is horrendeously translated?

  • Honestly had no idea you guys did an episode with the president.

  • that tattoo on his left arm, how long its being there? never noticed it before

  • Crimes and Mythdemeanors was probably my favorite episode. I suspect it was a lot of peoples. Jamie's magnets were just fall-down funny, and the build team's capers were fun as well… I loved that episode!

  • My biggest problem with the Archimedes Death Ray episode(s) was that you never found a way to really make it work. Another childhood dream scrubbed from the whiteboard of life...

  • HA, "reflective"

  • Hearing about this now, I'm wondering if the hype train ran low on steam by the time it aired. If it had not been announced at all, but instead blindsided the audience in a "by the way, this too" manner, it may have done better. Underpromise and overdeliver, that kind of thing.

  • I get the sense that for a really popular myth, it needs to be one that ends up with a 'myth confirmed' result. It just leaves you with a better feeling when something incredible is confirmed to actually be possible.

  • Was the Obama special the 3rd try of this myth? It's not in my top episodes because I knew it was going to be busted because of the previous attempts.

  • My guess is there was enough Obama hate from Conservatives that they simply did not watch it.

  • I haven't seen that episode. I'm not really in to Obama or politics. You guys fell for the classic blunder. The majority of the media is very left wing and Obama was the lefts darling. They are not a representation of normal Americans. Don't chase politics if you aren't a political show. You should be have politely declined.

  • Oh man... that's one of my favorite episodes! I can't believe it didn't do well...

  • If it makes you feel better, I was one of the viewers who watched when it aired - and I didn't even vote for Obama.

  • If you have a problem, and no one else can help, and if you can find him Maybe you can hire.... The Hyneman *Queue fanfare*

  • Obama's involvement probably turned off about 40% of the audience.

  • 5:35 "...if you were to ask Mr. Hyneman - if you can find him" I find that whenever I've misplaced something, it helps to retrace my steps. Where were you when you know you had him last?

  • LOL you wish that the myth about the mirror death ray had ratings that were more "REFLECTIVE" of the pre-airing attention it was getting. Hahaha, good one.

  • Mine was the Early Episode where you filled a running engine with breakfast and it kept running. Absolutely hilarious.

  • It was the third time you went in for the same myth, and it wasn't even evolution of the myth or changing the myth in anyway, in essence it was the same episode repeated over, and then in regards of the president bit, he wasn't really in the myth, sure you cut to him in the white house, but he wasn't on set to in anyway direct or effect the testing, and the final nail in the coffin is that you didn't manage to replicate the results, the sun is extremely powerful, so much so that mirrors on robotic mounts are used to reflect it onto a tower containing salt to have it heated up to the point of melting, and then the heat is used for the generation of electricity. All we wanted was to see a ship catch on fire using reflected sunlight alone, after proving thrice that it is not possible with 500 humans holding up mirrors and manually aiming the reflected sunlight onto the boat, all you had to do was replicate the results, ie take a crane, and lift the ship up in front all of those mirrors right in front of a solar tower

  • I remember as a kid watching this episode and felt disappointed at the end. The thing that immediately annoyed me was wondering how trust worthy the kids were. The irony being that I think the reason the White House chose/agree in participating in this myth was because of the kids. My enjoyment of Mythbuster was how well Adam and the crew follows the scientific method. I thought for sure there was going to be another revisit where they take the kids (sorry, I meant the "Human Factors") out the equation. Just to try to see if it can be done "Perfectly".

  • Viewing figures fell when folks discovered Obama wasn't the target.