Ask Adam Savage: Predicting Results on MythBusters

Publicerades den 11 apr 2021
Tested member Steve B asked Adam, "In the early seasons of Mythbusters, one of my favorite parts of each episode was where you would give a percent chance of what you thought could happen in any given test. That went away as the show progressed, is there a reason for that?" Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:
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    • NEVER "subvert expectations" on purpose ... it already ruined Star Wars and is just a lazy way of saying "I dont care about the world I create my story in and can do whatever". As long as it is your own world that is fine ... but Star Wars and Star Trek have been ruined by writers who dont care about the universe and its rules.

    • Hi adam

  • Did Adam ever get tested for ADHD?

  • I grew up watching Mythbusters with my dad. Thanks for all those moments.

  • One of my favorite quotes I have ever heard is “there are three kinds of lies; lies, damm lies, and statistics.”

  • You're putting both of those pieces of metal off to the side, and all I'm thinking of is galvanic corrosion. 😰

  • I always loved it when u gave the probabilities. I teach stat in college from time to time and, if anything, getting viewers to even think in terms of probability is helpful.

  • Thanks for doing what you do!

  • How to TV, lesson 246: goats trump everything.

  • What else is under there?

  • Beware the Dark Science! The misbegotten theorems of forgotten phlogisters and the eldritch methods of mad alchemists... lest you find that the most terrible myths of the proto-scientific age can be confirmed.

  • There is a 100% chance Adam will go off topic.

  • did you actually use the clapper to clap or just for the info?

  • Thanks for the clean edit.

    • It's always the wandering goats. What are we going to do about it?

    • I mean, I am ADHD (too?)

  • I want to know the percentage of people who thought Adam was going to pick up a piece of sheet metal with his face on it.

  • I'm not a Tested patron so I'll probably never get to know the answer, but I've always wondered if Adam shaves the gap between his goatee and chin strap to get a proper seal on a respirator or if there's another reason.

  • Aaannnnnd the joke is that there is a third and fourth flat metal object under the worktable!

  • Statistics.. Dang you just brought me all the way back 25 years to my high school math teacher. Between him and my science teacher always arguing statistics.

  • actually the steal cutout was of Dave Thomas (Wendys) but he is not around anymore so the creator decided Adam looked close enough !

  • That thumbnail, though...

  • I kinda want a running gag where you’re constantly pulling an endless amount of random items from beneath your desk that you’re bumping into. A desk of holding, so to speak.

  • Adam pretending he was working against TrUmPiSm in the fucking Bush administration is peak TDS

  • Oh man does Adams red hair and goatee back then just look horrendous haha.

  • Thank you so much for answering my question! :)

  • Good episode of "Adam hits his knees on sheets of metal"

  • Steve B. 🤔

  • 2:34 as a scientist who's future lives and breathes on the favourable balances of statistics, I wholeheartedly agree.

  • Remember. According to statistics, 84% of statistics are made up.

  • 02:38 30 years with tools, blades, knives, drink and sum wimmin. And you still have 10 fingers and toes now, in 2021? Don't talk about odds, or stats. UYou have all your fingers and toes. now THATS's INCREDIBLE!!!!

  • Goats v Paint-- paint doesn't stand a chance. At your "level" of TV-- post network, relatively independent, "small" -- what is a "star?" And when did you find out or see yourself as a star?

  • Im not sure if Adam answered this before, but I'd like to hear how the show Mr. Wizards World effected him

  • Every time Adam bumped into some piece of steel, I thought somebody had started playing Master of Puppets.

  • Statistics: "a dark science of mental manipulation that has no bottom." I mean...

  • 2:59 thats going to be my new notification sound, tthhwaaaahhhhksissss bang

  • A dark science of mental manipulation that has no bottom. Yet another Adamism I'm going to have to bank.

  • "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

  • Makes me wonder if 300 Goat's ever did wander on set! X-D Or did he just come up with that. It sounds like something that would have happened at least one time to him.

  • I think I'm the only one that feels the uncomfortable nature of loose watches.

  • i hadnt thought of how misleading that kind of statistic is.. i thought it just got a bit tired, it'd be something you'd want to happen once in a while ideally

  • The joke woulda been him continually pulling metal objects out from under his bench

  • Adam looks like harrison wells.

  • Now thats a good microphone......

  • Mark Twain: There are liars, dammed liars and statisticians.

  • gave a thumbs up after you got pissed about the tray making noise. lol

  • Those questions are great for guiding discovery and engineering!

  • I came up with my own personal theory based on this from a MythBusters episode where you gave a 2 percent chance of something completely unexpected happening and I started thinking there was always at least a 2 percent chance of the totally unexpected in any given situation.

  • Steve Ballmer?

  • 76.142% of statistics are pulled out of someone's butt.

  • I reject your reality and substitute my own

  • Statistics is easy, if you're talking about what can happen it's statistics if you're talking about what mat happen or what's likely then it's odds.

  • Squirrel!

  • Ok, the tangents have just gotten to be too much. Every tiny little question gets its own novella of an answer. And do you know why nobody else has ever asked you about the percentages? Because nobody else fucking cares. Go back to making stuff, at least in that capacity you add some value to SElists. These question and answer sessions are like a coffee can full of bacon grease...nothing but fat that nobody wants.

  • I was hoping he would continue to find large clangy items under his workbench and have to continue relocating them.

  • In this episode we get to see 20% chaos .... 20% conflicted thought, and ...

  • I love these questions because he says way more than he's been asked, so we get all this extra insight

  • Hey Adam, I know why your flywheel powered Panjandrum didn't work. The sizing of the flywheels was based on an incorrect application of conservation of angular momentum. It is true that angular momentum will be conserved however it won't be conserved about the bearing center point, but rather about the wheel's contact point on the ground (the contact point is the instantaneous center of rotation for a rolling wheel). This means that the mass moment of inertia of the system will be approximately 3 times larger than if it was to be conserved about the bearing center. The problem is NOT due to insufficient braking. Momentum will be conserved regardless of braking torque level. Your flywheels need to be about 3 times heavier (3 times thicker or about 1.31 times larger in diameter).

  • Hey, stupid question: I’d love to go support the Tested Patreon, but I can’t seem to find it? Does anyone have a link?

  • Everytime I see young Adam I immediately want to ask "Am I missing an eyebrow?"

  • I thought the sound of the truck going reverse was here.

  • I now see why Jamie did not get along with Adam. He is easily distracted.

  • Statistics: a dark science of mental manipulation that has no bottom. That's just perfect, Adam. Thank you for finding the words to correctly describe statistics.

  • Every time Adam pauses he sits so damn still I think my phone froze lol. Love every video Adam puts out.

  • What's fun is that dealing with projected percentages is what gave birth to the classic "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

  • I like to think that there is an evil goblin putting metallic stuff under the desk for Adam to kick.

  • The way he casually threw in the "300 goats showed up" makes me feel like that actually happened to him at least once.

    • I know, right? I want to watch that episode 'cause I sure don't remember it!

  • Oops! Somebody is a little spoiled. A beautiful gift becomes just something that gets in the way. I'm sure he's inundated with gifts but each one is likely very important to the giver. And that one really looks amazing and deserves a place on his admittedly over cluttered walls. Just my opinion.

  • For a second I was thinking Adam was doing a Monty Python bit and would be pulling out metal plates throughout the whole video, I was like "is he a comedic genius?"...sad it didn't keep happening

  • photos of young Adam seem so strange

  • I'm amazed at how unique and good questions the Patreon supporters have asked about Mythbusters. Asking questions that have not been asked before for such a popular show that ended years ago is rare. I think Adam feels like the new qyestions are a breath of fresh air.

  • I love the way Adam doesn't just blurt out some soundbite to answer a question. He will pause, think, consider, and then come up with a genuine answer.

  • Come for the interesting insights, stay for the unintentional noises! 😆

  • Just curious, has Adam been watching “For All Mankind” and what’s the opinion on all the spacesuits and NASA props, personally I’m loving it.

  • I completely agree, in this day and age we do not need to make statistics any less clear. lol On the other hand, it was always funny. Especially when the percentages didn't add up to 100.

  • All I heard is there is a "slightly not as good" mythbusters editors cut we could enjoy, and I bet it's amazing.

  • All due respect, but a _true_ storyteller would have kept pulling more and more ridiculous noisy metal things out from under the bench at shorter and shorter intervals. ;-)

  • Adam savage looks like a white kanye west in the thumbnail

  • Is there a certain reason for you print out the questions instead of reading off a screen (aka saving paper)?

  • That example with the goats was #oddlyspecific. Was that based 0n a true event and if so can you elaborate?!

  • I want to hear more about those three hundred goats wandering onto the set...

    • That never actually happened on Mythbusters, I've seen every episode enough time I would've remembered it! Their only goat story was Kari and Tory testing fainting goats, and one of the goats kicked Tory in the balls.

  • Without the %s we wouldn’t have got ‘I reject your reality and substitute my own’. The world would be a 10% worse place to live.

  • Was the paint color getting cut due to goats from the food fight savage builds episode?

  • Absolutely concur, the powers that be need no help twisting statistic to their own nefarious ends... of course when they can't find the right statistics, nowadays, they just lie in some other way.

  • “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Mark Twain

  • Mythbusters was one of my favorite shows growing up, I'm so happy to hear these silly stories from behind the scenes! So happy I found your channel

  • I agree with Steve....I liked the percentages. I cant believe no one has ever asked about their disappearance before.

  • I think this video started out with Adam coming up with this skit where he keeps finding things to bang into beneath the table while making a video ^^

  • Loved the percentages and predictions

  • Discovery please release Some MythBusters uncut episodes I'm guessing that they would have the unedited footage archived somewhere.

  • "There are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics." - M. Twain.

  • I wonder what the Mythbusters thought about Smash Lab.

    • Adam should be a guest on Smash lab and in SElists videos, he is a great story teller and guest star.

  • Rejecting reality and substituting your own

  • I could watch these all day

  • Talking about all of the bits that get cut out of an episode; I would be interested in a "Savage Cut" version of an episode, with all of the things that did not quite make it into the 45-minute, cut for TV version.

  • You sure that's a cutout of you, and not the late Larry King?

  • Holly crap Adam.. you get side tracked quite easily... LOL

  • Adam Savage you old Pioneer still a master of special effects and building what do you build for us next

  • That's not science. Honestly, looking for the answers you want to hear in the abstract is Faith. It has nothing to do with critical testing. Predicting results is how you decide which data don't count.

    • The problem in research science right now is that the incentive is to abuse the process to get published, rather than seeking information.

  • Show us. The Mill. Pls...


    • He has videos of it somewhere, ive seen them.

  • I usually have these Q&A vids playing in the background and when Adam stops to collect his thoughts, I peek to see whether the video is buffering or Adam is just staring into space.

    • Same

    • Yeah, makes me think about how in Japanese culture silence is considering an equal part of conversation. Like yin and yang. In Western culture, it's hard to take a moment of silence to reflect without it feeling awkward or inopportune. A characteristic of a good story teller for sure.

    • I kind of love that those moments are kept in. So many SElistsrs cut out so much dead air, it's like information overload. Keeping these moments in make it feel more natural. Like a real person-to-person conversation. So refreshing. Thank you, Tested editors!

    • We do the same if we look away while we're reviewing footage.

  • Ask Adam Savage: Predicting Results off MythBusters 11 2021

  • I love the questions and answers, but perhaps even more so the unexplained glimpses into Adam's everyday life through his surroundings

    • I was expecting Adam to pull out a kitchen sink from under the workbench!