Ask Adam Savage: Performing for an Audience vs. a Camera

Publicerades den 30 apr 2021
Tested member Danny Curry asks, "What were some of the more exciting parts of traveling/performing live as opposed to pre-recorded and edited TV? And what were some things you didn’t like about it?" Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:
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    • Hi Adam, how you doing have you ever done any movie prop type stuff for the movie industry?

  • I went to one of those live shows in my town when I was young. The thing I remember the most about it was, in hindsight, being glad I didn't try and ask a stupid question about Jaime's moustache during a Q&A segment.

  • Top ten of Adams words of wisdom. Be able to change your view, attitude, experience. I lived in Remote Asia, only white person, so many people did sneaky photos. I started saying Ni Hao , and having them take a better photo, with me posing with hell kitty 🐈 gang sign ☢️. I had much more fun and lots of photos.

  • Hey, Adam, just so you know social anxiety is a whole different kettle of fish compared to the normal reaction of meeting new people. Could you maybe not down play it by calling it something everyone has? Otherwise great video.

  • I went to the show in Cincinnati and it was a great experience. I hope more people get vaccinated so live events can happen safely again.

  • As a CTE (construction) teacher I think you have summed up exactly the feeling of teaching and opening yourself up to and receiving students.

  • The power that Jamie exudes in that thumbnail is tangible.

  • Mr Savage, thank you for doing what you do and being whom you are sir. i attended the lecture at the E.J Thomas center in Akron Ohio way back when. i can't put into words how much i enjoyed your insight into being a maker. i only hope you had the time to visit the National Inventers Hall of Fame during your time here. it has since been turned into Akron's STEM school.

  • I was at the the FOX theater in Detroit at that show. Didn't do for the meet and great but I did have 4th row seats and was able to ask Adam a question during the Q&A. Just want to say to all who read this the show was beyond amazing. The stage hands switched out props with incredible speed but also with subtly that didn't distract from the show; and the grand finally was more than anyone could have asked for.

  • Hey since you hate duct tape, there was a fan who made duct tape art for you and even had you sign a roll. Do you feel like she harassed you with it for a decade lol.

  • I've always imagined the best part of being a celebrity, the only thing that could possibly make it worth it, is being able to make people happy wherever I go just by their seeing me. I like bringing joy to the world and being a celebrity seems like it would just turn you into some sort of walking joy emitter.

  • Bus life: one can understand how two people may work together despite not particularly like each other, with a common interest. That's easy; we all have worked with people. But! if Adam and Jamie traveled together, "sleeping on the bus" -- and I guess they lived with and together with the crew-- did that not lead to a different bonding? The answer may be as obvious as the one line that reaches out to me after all these "Tested" years, that Adam and Jamie had not had a dinner together. Which is too bad, but only on the outside looking in. Or was that two busses?

  • Mythbusters made science cool

  • We met briefly at a San Fransisco show, and you were so stoked for the rest of the tour I halfway thought about getting an RV and following your tour like the Grateful Dead

  • Did he just say y'all? Who's he been hanging around :P

  • Look forward to conventions again soon. Hope to meet you at a con some day. So inspiring!

  • A video straight to the point 🙋‍♂️. I also have been working on kinda similar videos and probably you should visit. I'm sure you'll find see a lot of cool info on this topic on my channel too.

  • Thank's for clarifying that this is a reiteration, felt the groundhog day angst there for a while...

  • Traveling in general is a tiring thing by itself.

  • I loved the tour! We were at the one in Charlotte NC in November 2014. I wanted to volunteer so badly unfortunately I was only 10 months pregnant with my son

  • I am curious in your years on Mythbusters if there was celebrity guest star you wanted to work with but didn't get to?

  • I have seen you on both 'tours of duty' when you have come out to Australia and I can honestly say that you are one of the nicest people I have ever met. Especially when you came out to Melbourne with Micheal Stevens for brain candy I could just feel like you personally were making a connection with every single person you both met. I can honestly say as a fan of yours of how honoured I am to have had the chance to meet you twice now and to know how genuine a person you are.

  • I would have liked to see Adam and Jamie live, the story teller and the straight guy. On SElists I tend to avoid live stream but I think Adam would hold my interest. The reason I avoid live SElists? I come here for information and entertainment (Mythbusters show type stuff) but live SElists with the squinting at the screen trying to to read the next question from a person whos name they attempt to pronounce for 30 seconds followed by er, um...? Nope I'm gone, content with cockups included is perfect but the other stuff well, err, oh let me think, err, um, I think I could say, err..... The equivalent to watching the Mythbusters crew do a 2 day setup for the 15 minute clip.

  • My younger brother got to meet Adam and Jamie at the one in Arizona where Jamie used his paintball machine gun

  • My memory of the live show is that as a less musically inclined stage hand it's one of the few shows where I had a chance to meet a tour I actually knew/cared about. Professional courtesy kept me from saying more than a brief hello unfortunately, but it was my first real indication seeing you and Jamie back stage that the Mythos of your "characters" in Mythbusters, and the reality of you in person were hardly an act. I remember you excitedly buzzing around and exploring once the stage was set, and then seeing Jamie only once when he stoically came up to inspect things without a word before leaving again.

  • I would like to ask Adam if there is anything we can do as someone's fan of their work to make them feel more comfortable or reduce the weight of our interaction? Because I know that there are many more people who will not lean into the conversation with other.

  • "tour bus ACTION"? LOL

  • I remember attending a show "beyond the Myth" with both of them, it was a treat and would highly recommend going to another one when all this is over.

  • Yesterday I received shot 2 of the Pfizer vaccine and let me tell you about it. Chills, body aches, fever, and a headache. If this is how Covid feels I’m going to say that I’m glad I never got it. That being said a couple days of pain is well worth out if we can pull out of this pandemic and get back to at least some semblance of normalcy.

    • @Philip Nellis yes it sounds like hell. One of the engineers I work with is battling it right now. Lost his sense of smell yesterday. It’s very scary.

    • Think of all those symptoms and then not being able to breath.

  • I saw the show in Birmingham, Alabama. I enjoyed it immensely. I did not do the meet and greet, wish I had. I can relate to the energy required to become and stay interested in someone. Kudos to you for sticking it out for those folks.

  • I got to go to a meet & greet on your stop in Boise, ID back in 2015. I was the guy dressed up as Indiana Jones, largely based on the costume pieces you’ve mentioned on this channel. You recognized my hat as an Adventure Built which made me feel like we were compatriots in cosplay. Thanks for doing them, I hope you keep doing it with any other show you do when things are back to “normal.”

  • Looking forward to concerts, open bars, and nice summer beach time! screw covid

  • This was a great post thank you for sharing. I met all five of you at an event back in 2010/11 and you are were so lovely and did yourself proud. But watching this REALLY made me appreciate more what you all must have been going through. Thank you for sharing.

  • hi everybody

  • 0:42 yeah alan turing was a pretty cool guy

  • Living in a tour bus aint got nothing on being in the military... Trust me on that.

  • I wonder if you and Jamie talked about the meet-and-greet process, and if he had a different experience or advice.

  • I remember seeing Adam and Jamie for the first time in 2010 as a kid in middle school in North Carolina. The show was in the format of more of a casual Q&A and them discussing future shows like backwards Porsche at the time. Then I saw them a few years later at one of their more scripted shows with more audience participation. I didn't participate in the show but I found a release form on the ground near my seat that I still have in my room from that night. They are the main reason why I went to school for mechanical engineering and I'm about to start my first engineering job soon! Thanks for the positive impact on my life.

  • That's a major component of being an extrovert - interacting and being around people energizes them. Introverts are often exhausted by that much social interaction. It's not about being shy vs outgoing, it's about how the interaction makes them feel; extroverts can be quite shy and introverts can be quite outgoing.

    • @HavCola That's my point. They aren't about behavior anymore, but about how social interactions affect a person. No matter how much I enjoy hanging out with friends or doing other social interactions (which I'm not keen on), they exhaust me. I don't feel pumped and excited afterwards. Adam here is saying that once he stopped trying to pull away from people during the meet-and-greets and instead leaned into it, he was energized.

    • I think intro- and extrovert are terms that are kind of misused a lot nowadays, where it's implied that those categories are fundamental structures and not just broad descriptors of behavior. Jung, who was the first who talked about extroverts and introverts, more used the terms to describe a set of behaviors with the understanding that a person could be an extrovert in one setting and an introvert in another, albeit that you probably had a dominant side. Today's public usage kind of implies that introverts and extroverts are different types of exclusive personalities and that you can be one or the other, and to explain deviation they divide people into additional sub-categories like the 16 personality types etc. While this scratches our itch to put ourselves and other people in boxes and assign traits to groups ("A Gemini is two-faced!" etc) it's a mistake to think that just because your behavior at one point in your life could be described as introverted, for example, there _has_ to be something _structural_ in you that will make this true in the future. Our brains are a lot more mutable than that and people wander all over the spectrum throughout their lives.

  • I like the updated lighting. The shop looks much better. Is the tennis elbow injury from making armor a couple years ago? I remember that project involved a lot of hammering and metal shaping.

  • I was traveling with the Disney Broadway shows for the last year before Covid I know exactly what you mean

  • When I saw the Mythbusters Live show in Dallas, TX years ago. Unfortunately, the show was pretty rough - Jamie was particularly grumpy, a bunch of the contraptions failed and the big finale completely flopped. But, what I remember most was how Adam remained exuberant through it all and the audience just could not get enough of him! In fact, I don't know if the show would have been as good if everything had worked "right." Part of being a maker is problem-solving and the experiences of trial and error - and that was the gift that Adam gave the audience that day. What you make doesn't have to be perfect to be fun or have purpose. That day, Adam showed every kid in that arena that the real joy is in the MAKING itself.

  • A lot of what he said is why I support the channel. I love that his videos are very personal and I always feel like I'm sitting with him in his shop.

  • I still remember seeing you in Calgary when I was 10ish, one of the coolest moments of my life.

  • It was a great honor to go on stage with Adam and Jamie at the last Portland Oregon show

  • 7:54 as a musician and performer, I can totally back this up. I come home from a gig and I'm both completely exhausted and totally wired. It's become my favorite time to binge watch Netflix.

  • looks like the shop got cleaned :D

  • Do those arm braces provide decent relief for tennis elbow?

    • @Tony Three Pies more made up words, son.

    • @belly tripper oh

    • @RJ Smith THERE ARE ****NO**** SUCH WORDS AS ****DISTAL**** OR ****PROXIMAL****

    • Yes a band (not a brace) just distal to the elbow provides pressure to the tendon proximal to the injury and that relieves pain, does not cure and still needs to heal .


  • Thanks, Adam. I hope you know just how much you mean to all of us. 👍

  • I met Adam backstage at Dragon*Con one year, and I just meant to go up to him and say "I'm a fan" and then suddenly my mouth wouldn't stop and I kept going, "And I really appreciated the work you did on Mythbusters" but then I kept going and found emotion and excitement pouring out of me as I suddenly got teary eyed to finally be meeting him.

    • omg that sounds lovely!! so happy you got to have that w him :)

  • But............are you going back out?

  • This might be slightly off topic, but I really prefer these videos, particularly the one day builds, where you are alone working in your studio, handing the camera yourself (as much of a hassle as it probably is for you). I enjoy seeing/hearing you work through a problem in solitude. My hypothesis would be that you might be more inclined to censor that thinking process when there is someone behind the camera. I know that is true of me. Keep up these awesome videos, and don’t abandon this style of filming entirely once we’re in the clear!

  • I went to Brain Candy live and it was awesome! I regret not participating in the demonstrations u guys did because my 6th grade self was too anxious 😓

  • I have one of the strangest jobs. Over the years it's come be to be officially called storytelling. The more I watch these videos the more I think my co-worker and friend have a lot of Adam/Jamie dynamic, and that's been pretty fun. It also makes these videos very directly instructive. Thanks!!

  • Ask Adam: why are you a brainwashed political puppet? Likely answer: $$$

  • I still have my ticket stub for the behind the myths tour Adam and Jamie did. So happy to have gotten to see them live.

  • The background... Hmmmmm...

  • Honestly I feel Adam would be the ultimate guy to have around a Camp Fire telling stories.

    • Adam phil anselmo and kevin smith could have 1 conversation that would last forever

  • Not sure if Adam will read this, but I just wanted to tip him a great ginger beer as a fellow ginger beer addict :) I know he's a Bundaberg guy, but he should really try the Belvoir ginger beer. Over here in the Netherlands they also sell the cordial and I'm absolutely addicted to the stuff. It's very spicy and totally organic. I'm in no way or shape affiliated with Belvoir btw, but I feel he's missing out if he doesn't at least give it a try :)

  • I imagine that some myths submitted to the show would've varied from outlandish to just plain inappropriate. Will you please share with us some of the myths that was just a straight No? Thank you Mr. Savage.

  • My favorite was the paintball mona lisa that show was freaking awesome. I wanted to meet you but i couldnt at that time. thanks for being the dude you are and keep up the great work.

  • Adam - you and the Tested team have been so great throughout the last year, consistently delivering great great content. I know I speak for many when I say you helped us get through a tough time. Hope to see you at an upcoming convention!

    • I love this format, its been a great podcast type delivery I can listen to while creating.

  • the early episodes aged better though... it's tacky AF re-watching things advertising websites and live chats that haven't existed for a decade.

  • You’re an amazing storyteller.

  • We saw the Behind the Myths Tour in Lowell MA! Great night!

  • Hey Adam!

  • Hi


  • Hey I went and saw brain candy, it was magical. Thanks adam, and have you seen that new vsauce vid? Haha

    • @Jamie Sanderson Yes, yes it was.

    • So did you see Brain Candy or was it an illusion?

    • Wasn't Brain Candy a Kids in the Hall movie??

  • ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉ'ˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢ ᵐᵉ. .