Ask Adam Savage: Choosing Which Version of a Character to Cosplay

Publicerades den 22 apr 2021
"When it comes to a character whose outfit and accessories change through the series (like Captain America), how do you go about deciding which one you want to create?" "What are the best reactions from children to your costumes?" In this excerpt from his March 30, 2021 live stream, Adam answers questions from Tested members Justin B and Ben Campbell about cosplay. Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam a question:
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  • sorry, but I understand that the strut was John Wayne's grandson, not Pedro Pascal.

  • Whats wrong with the Kingsman?

  • You've mentioned your Aragorn costume - which version are you going for?


  • I'm so ready for a esb Boba Fett

  • MCU Iron Man mk 2 & mk 3

  • Какой же это крутой мужик

  • one of my favorite kid costumes was this little boy wearing a batman mask, spiderman shirt, and superman cape. because why not be all three

  • The kid inside me thanks you for you boundless enthusiasm that helps the rest of us feel okay with our obsessions.

  • You should build a "custom" mandalorian so it can be unique to you. I 3D print and make official armor for members of The Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club and would love to help you.

  • Disney Plus in Captain American Marvel Comic Books

  • Those WERE the droids we were looking for!

  • Hey Adam I have a question for you, this is not a joke. Do you consider yourself minimalist?

  • I want to hear what you think is problematic about Kingsman, especially the first one!

  • When it comes to the live action captain America suits the original is still the best in my opinion. All the modern ones tried for this sleek minimalist high tech spandex look, give me some motor cycle leathers painted in red white and blue over that.

  • I still can't get over how loose you wear your Omega PO Chrono

  • Zombie cap or old cap, Old man cap! Nailed it.....

  • Any character that is a velociraptor is Ok to play.. oh wait. No one open and honest about that here on Tested....

  • Everyone else when they say a movie is problematic: Political stuff and straw point arguments Adam when he says that: The script was bud, the characters were poorly written... This is why we love you, Adam

  • I didn't realise you played Captain America at the end of End Game.

  • I loved the stories about the cosplay stories about the kids spotting Adam but I wonder 🤔 if other people in very realistic and awesome cosplay get asked "Are you Adam Savage?" 🤣🤣

  • are there any ladies named Justin? you wouldn't think, but then there's dudes named Leslie.. Man when someone thinks your costume is so great it has to be you, that's gotta be one of the best cospliments you can get.. though of course the BEST would be seeing someone cosplaying YOUR characters.

  • Love it! Mr. Savage... You probably have heard of Guillermo Rojas Bazán. If you haven't, please check out his SElists chnl. "", his handmade aluminum models are unbelievable!

  • Is that reupload?🤔

  • Adam, It is my understanding that the Gort costume from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was actually two costumes, one which laced up the back and another white laced up the front. This was to preserve the illusion that Gort was seamless. Do you believe a seamless Gort costume could be achieved with modern techniques and materials?

  • Pedro used to be the discount Nathan Fillion, but now he's turning that around.

  • You Can allways go Obi Wan Kenobi 🧖🏼‍♂️ ❤️ You just need a large hoodie 😅 Or take off your glasses 🤪 Your Beard and hair are making YOU a perfect prop ! Thx for all your projects that you deliver in These lockdown situations - We love you❤️... Ben Thank The Maker 💫

  • Who supplies your Cap suits?? I’d love to know who

  • To that last point there Adam, you had that affect on me. Watching you jump into these great creative activities made me finally let myself try it too, and now my room is full of muppets lol So thank you Sir, you are achieving that goal of yours in spades mate. :)

  • I am definitely of the generation for which there was an "age limit" to costume play, outside of halloween. Now there are folks making a living in CosPlay. These are the same adults that told us we should stop wasting our time on video games.

  • Was you and Grant close before he sadly passed away rip Grant 🙏 you are loved and missed

  • the irony is that moviemakers find a cheap way to make a good looking costume and fanatics scour the earth for the exact same materials or better to match it exactly, and spend magnitudes more on a replica

  • Adam, PLEASE do an "ABC Robot" from the original Dread, The under appreciated bad ass robot.

  • Anyone else just wanted to see Adam in CA cosplay??

  • Adam look at this SElists channel WocomoCulture he works in cardboard

  • I see that Ecto-1 is still around!

  • Pedro Pascal isn’t the one wearing the Mando suit. He just does the voice. The person in the suit is John Wayne’s grandson.

  • You are my science icon master I think of when I think science you are the one I think of

  • And you do just that sir. Thanks for continuing to inspire.

  • The First avenger suit is my favorite

  • Weird depth of field. Different camera?

  • Adam savage is like the Uncle that everyone (young or old) wants to spend time with during the week-end in his shop. My 11 years old twins, when seeing the Cap thumbnail said “Let’s put our IronMan costumes and go visit him!”🤪 I said: “Well he lives in California... maybe next year.🥺” We live in Japan....😰

  • I love watching Adam get ready for a CON, and then walk the floor. My 12 year old daughter has watched a couple with me ethusiasiticly. (Yes the Totoro was her favorite) Today kids are forced to grow up way to fast and the magic of pretend is ALMOST FORCED out by Schools. Cons are a great way of keeping some of that Magic Would be really cool if Adam could Cos Play with famous Female to show that Cos Play is not just for the BOYS.

  • Thanks Adam for reminding me why I cosplay

  • One thing I love about this channel: I may have zero interest in cosplay, but I always learn something from Adam.

  • You should flood a con with as many costumes as friends that fit them. Make spot Adam in cosplay much more difficult...😛 Bonus for having camera people track them all...

  • The costumes we put aside as children gave way to the masks we wear as adults

  • Your costumes are great and I enjoy watching your videos where you make and wear the finish product.

  • You should check out the Lego NASA space shuttle Discovery! Awesome set!

  • very much agree that kingsman 2 had good scenes, and really bad writing and scenes. the country road rendition before exploding was the best version I'll ever hear of it, haha

  • I saw your joy when you are telling us about your enthusiasm and the boy.... You instantly turned into a young boy like him 👍 the sparkling in your eyes, the satisfaction in your smile 😁 absolutely fantastic to watch! I would love to dive deep into my dreams and life them, but sometimes it is much more complicated for some of us 😔 but it is a joy for me to feel with you and forget the reality just for a Moment. Your are definitely a inspiration !!! I also loved watching mythbusters every single time I watched! It's great to have you here on YT. Greetings from south Germany ❤️❤️❤️

  • Whenever Adam mentions someone else in his family I'm reminded of how cool his last name is.

  • Hey does anyone have a update about the velociraptor suit video? its basically the only reason I started watching tested again.

  • Yes! I absolutely HATE the Kingsman series, I'm glad you agree to an extent.

  • am i seriously the only one who prefers Mando's first armor design? i'm not a fan of the full beskar silver

  • "Permission Machine." I love it. :-)

  • Lmao. Captain old as dirt

  • 10:38: Looking at you, Jamie! ( 6:38 Ouch

  • If possible, can you please come to the Los Angeles Comic Con this year? It's on my birthday weekend (first weekend of December) and it would be the best bday gift for me to meet you 😊

  • Hearing you describe those moments of joy and interaction with your young fans was moving. I hope you can keep doing what you do and inspiring other for years to come, the world will be a much better place for it. Much love from the Britain,

  • I got news for you... the gunslinger strut you like... that not Pedro Pascal. That’s stuntman Brandon Wayne. Yes... Wayne. As in the grandson of John Wayne. Hence the swagger.

  • Pedro was part of Game of Thrones surly you watched that?

  • Woke super heroes. Capt america now an angry failed white man....

  • Going to dress up as woke characters? You're on a slippery slope with me. I know you are a lefty and spineless. When is the woke coming out? Traitor!

  • Thank you so much for being a permission machine! Before I would have been scared to but this year for may 4th I’m cosplaying as Han Solo and cannot wait !

  • President snow IS Captain America

  • Pedro's best performance is in Game of Thrones as the Viper of Dorne, end of debate.

  • "That's gotta be Adam Savage" might become a huge compliment in future cons. (Not that it isn't already).

  • I usually default to the one I'm most able to pull-off. Usually, okay usually I make up my own characters, then role-play them when they ask me who I'm supposed to be. You don't have to use somebody else's characters, you can make up your own. You know there's no rules in Cosplay, right?

  • How cool would it be for "Savage" to become a popular adjective to describe great costumes in future cons. "DUDE, YOUR COSTUME IS SAVAGE!"

    • Make it so

    • @phil gardner Yep. It's used to describe how brutal someone is. So I'm sure someones outfit could be Brutal or probably 'Savage'

    • @phil gardner Cool! Thanks for sharing.

    • FYI - This is already used as a description in the UK (although not specific to Adam).

  • when choosing which version of a character I want to cosplay I like to go for the more rarely seen costumes at cons. Show some love to the lesser known costumes of great characters

  • The Mando armor actually allows for 2 stunt performers to portray Mando, and Pedro Pascal worked with them on the body language he uses... it is seamless... there have been entire episodes of the Mandolorian filmed without him in the armor!

  • While we are at cosplay... is it me or raptor costume videos were pulled down?

  • LOVED this video Adam! Been a fan of yours all my life and I am so grateful for your permission machine mentality. You are a true hero!

  • Pedro Pascal is only in the Mando costume for the scenes where his face is seen [maybe he was more in season 2, free of scheduling conflict]. Remember his casting was announced while they were well into filming of season 1, because it was mostly voice over work. Jin's cowboy swagger is thanks to one of the two stuntmen that wears the suit, John Wayne's grandson; Brendan Wayne. He said in an interview his kids can tell when it's him in a scene by the way he walks. It's a shame suit performers don't get more recognition.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. It's a welcome reminder that often the actor is the least of which goes into a character in these sorts of shows :)

    • It's funny how only Doug Jones is known, just like only Andy Serkis is known for mocap, and only Weird Al for parody music.. it feels like we only have room for one.

    • This is 100% accurate.

    • I didn't know that. But what was that whole complaint from Pedro about the wearing the helmet and his face can't be on screen if he only wears it for specific scenes?

  • You’re still planning to come to calgary expo right?

  • I think choosing a version of costume is a very simple thing: 1. Choose the one that inspires you the most. 2. Make your costume replicate the original as faithfully as you can (with / Time, expense, materials, etc considerations).

  • Pedro played the Viper in Game of Thrones with many different layers. Top actor.

    • Yep. And I really liked him in Narcos too, that's where I first "met" him. PS Reading/listening "Game of Thrones" still hurts *sighs*.

  • Adam!! Im notice some dust on Ackbar's mask, if you have that in the cafe, do you worry about the condition of the props given the exposure to the dust and work environment? Personally i would pay REAL GOOD MONEY if you ever decided to set up some sort of gallery for your work, which at this point is inspirational to say the least!!!!!

  • Speaking of the MCU, I’ve got a question regarding it: you’ve talked about how much you love The Mandolorian on podcasts, but what do you think about WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

  • Love these talks, but it always seems like the scene shown in the thumbnail is never in the video!! Not a biggie but that’s what I want to see if I click on it. Still love these!

  • That thumbnail caused this reaction: "I dont remember Chris Evans wearing the uniform as old Cap, oh it's not old old Chris..." Sorry Adam.

  • Hi everybody, hi Adam

  • I wonder, why are you so adamant that the Kingsman are so problematic?

  • Really you never watched The game of thrones Adam? That's where I first saw Pedro Pascal

  • Has Adam even follow Hacksmith Industries where they are trying to make a fully functional Mando armor and jetpack? I would think it would an amazing collab for him to go to Hacksmith, have a tour and be able to try out the armor and other items out himself

  • Hi Mr. Savage. Loved your "The Expanse" cameo :):)

  • Adam could cosplay as Steve Rogers at the end of Avengers: Endgame.😉

  • As LMNC says: "don't be scared to try it!"

  • Question to the group..... I once wore my full set of dirt bike gear as a costume. People said that it wasn't a real costume. What do you guys say?

  • I'm really hoping will get to se a full expo on your Boba costume in the future, once you've gotten use out of it!

  • Maybe I missed it but what happened to the raptor costume.

  • My favourite cosplay was wolverine. Face/hair of Hugh jackman and outfit from 90’s cartoons. Nice crossover

  • Im too sexy for my shield 🎼 😂 nice dude... On some flushed away when ya board in the shop break the props!

  • Gave a like for the thumbnail, you as Captain America is awesome.

  • THANK YOU for not outright endorsing kingsmen - the villains in that - oh boi

  • This channel went from will and norm showing and teaching cool stuff to rich man shows off his toys 🤦

  • I've wanted to do a Wanda Maximoff cosplay since she came into the MCU, but I was never inspired by her costumes until I watched WandaVision. Then I found my Wanda costume for me!! 😆

    • Her red hoodie and sweatpants? I loved watching her fight in that before she "leveled up", when she was just in casual clothes.

  • Some costumes we haven't (seen). Ummmm ,,,, ok. Amazing that TWO KIDS spotted you just from your costume. That's the amazing part of it! That says to me that you really have a following of ALL ages! Congratulations on that achievement, Adam!