Adam Savage Tries on Puppet Mouth Masks!

Publicerades den 15 apr 2021
Adam's love of puppets and affinity of masks get mashed up in this show and tell of a set of delightful puppet masks from puppet designer Kylie Clark. Made with the fidelity of felt hand puppets, these masks instantly transform the wearer into a character right out of a 1970s-era puppet show. The feel and build of these masks--made with a material called "fuzzelle"--are an absolute joy to hold and wear. These are so cool!
Find Kylie's puppet snout mask pattern here:
Mask instruction video:
Kylie Clark's site:
Kylie Clark's Instagram: kylie.clark_makes.things
Shot by Adam Savage
Music by Jinglepunks
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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson saysdanica
Set build by Asa Hillis
Thanks for watching!
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  • Find Kylie's puppet snout mask pattern here: Mask instruction video: Kylie Clark's site: Kylie Clark's Instagram:

    • @Adam Savage's Tested make your own mobile floating island like Richart Sowa did with plastic bottles in nets under - pallets with tarp and soil and mangrove trees on top. And like the South American Uro people of Lake Titicaca did with with floating reed roots with soil and reeds layered on top. But do it with like closed cell spray foam in rain barrels and then layer tarp and compost and grass etc on top of that to float a house on a private mobile floating island with boat sailing motors on it too. Like these : I want to do that myself. But too Family Court Divorce and Child Support broke at the moment for such fun. 😄

    • Check out Nina Conti the ventriloquist - she has a _similar_ mask, but it can be manipulated like a dummy.

    • Iron man 👨💪

  • Wow! Awesome sauce, dude!

  • I wonder if you can make a functional (opens and closes when you talk) working mask with a cotton fleece mouth cover???

  • One Halloween I went as "Five Nights at Freddy Krueger". I had the full Krueger gear. My head was half burned human with half burned Freddy Fasbear mouth that I somehow stumbled my way into making able to move when I spoke.... I believe I still have it in a closet somewhere. I think I need to revisit it. I made so many people laugh when we'd catch eyes and then I'd smile which would cause the whole mouth to suddenly spring open cartoonishly wide.

  • Kylie is a personal friend of mine, and she is a GENIUS. She's super creative, smart, and I'm so delighted to know her. Glad you have a Kylie Clark creation!

  • the pilots think im nuts trying to his escape veleosity in an aircraft

  • no cartoons while im up?

  • You could almost see Adam thinking about ways to get the mouth to open and close

  • That's literally Howard the Duck's beak.

  • If wear one these masks over your ppe cloth mask does it keep your glasses from fogging. This is my problem. I would so like something this cool to solve it. Love in any case.

  • Totes wanna make a Ninja Turtle flick with these!

  • Love the masks. They make you look like one of Jim Hensons Muppets !

  • Adam, your joy and enthusiasm spills to infinity! I love it!

  • Woth is with mitbusters ......hello from Bosnia and Hercegovina pozz ppn vitezovi

  • Adam, a quick search on SElists for Nina Conti will open your eyes if you haven't heard of her before. She is hilarious a ventriloquist who often uses lower face masks that appear to use electronics to operate the masks. She gets volunteers from the audience and does hilarious skits.

  • 2:00 That's rather Howard the Duck. Take that how you will.

  • Cool, and as someone who does double mask, it's important to note that this could actually work well to 'tighten down' a more loose fitting medical mask

  • If anyone is wondering about the order in which the videos are filmed and when the videos are released, I was just watching Adam's video from over a month ago about books about pool hustlers, card sharks, and con artists, and you can see these masks in the background on the pool table.

  • A lost opportunity this whole time was making fun masks like this to overlay proper face masks. Kids would love these muppet masks. Wouldn't have to be just these kinds... Imagine Mortal Kombat masks, robots, etc.

  • Kinda disappointed they don’t move.

  • There is never any surprise in the video. SElists's small thumbnail gives it away.

  • 🤓♥️♥️🤓♥️♥️🤣

  • Wouldn't it be awsome if someone decided to start selling masks like this for peeps to wear out and about (amendment: that are within a lot of peep's price range).

  • please more pov cam it will boost views.

  • Definitely cool look wise but didn't seem to track the mouth motion much..

  • A fun take on the plague masks!

  • Thats so cute haha I want one T___T

  • That second mask works really well because of your “nerdy” black , square glasses. I immediately heard the nasally, nutty professor voice. Spot on!

  • Looks a lot like Howard the Duck's bill

  • Well... %#*! There goes yet another idea I've been working on all this time, only to be beaten to the punch. _I'm really starting to get tired of this._ Good job, Kylie. Really nice work. The craftsmanship really is very good. I wish her luck. Now, off to the #$&%*#! drawing board... again. >_

  • Come to Western Mass & I'll take you to the puppet pelts warehouse!!

  • I’d actually prefer those cuz u can wear them over ur nose the “proper” way and ur breathing is less restricted

  • The perfect make for Adam

  • Now you have to make some sort of device that makes them talk when you talk 🙂

  • These definitely spark joy!

  • That's pretty Kylie Jennerous of her. 🤭

  • I've been pro mask since last January. Sorry guys, pandemics over. Everyone who's vulnerable can get a vaccine. That means I'm done. Take that art project and throw it in the trash. Time to go back to how things were. Its sensible.

  • was kinda hoping they had some internal structure that made then follow the wearer's mouth movements

  • I think some double-stick tape would make that work with the wearer's jaw.

  • I would wear these out in public as is.. The are just as effective after all..

  • I would love it if you built a mechanism for those masks that makes them move when you talk!

  • How about a Jamie Beard mask 😂🥰😅

  • The fleece is new, it looks like a longer version of the material used for a brand of bath time hand puppets from the late 80's. Not sure on the brand name as the tags were gone by the time I laid eyes on them.

  • We had someone come in with a perfectly functional T-Rex mask and we all stared because every time she talked the T-Rex moved its jaws as if it was talking to us. After thousands of masks and worse yet people who didn't bother to keep us safe she still made an impression. Amusingly though she had no idea it was doing this. I said oh my gosh your mouth moves perfectly when you speak with us and she said it does?!? She left and I couldn't see from my angle but I'm pretty sure she went to the bathroom mirror to check out what it was doing. You brought joy to us and you were treating us with the respect by protecting us with the safety we deserve on off chance you find this please come back!!! We will remember you dear customer🏆

  • I'm a corrections officer. I want one of these for work! Can you imagine me going drill sergeant on an unruly inmate in that mask? 😂

  • :) great to see others making creativity out of mask adventure of covid...

  • That is pretty darn cool. Too awesome.

  • That is SO COOL! Would love to buy some!! 🤙🏼🤙🏼❣️

  • Ventriloquist Nina Conti uses articulated face puppet/masks in her show.

  • howard the duck

  • No-one suffers from freckles, they are endearing.

  • They gotta make some in a Duffy Duck’s bill design or Kermit the frog, I’d buy those instantly!

  • It doesn't matter, masks don't protect you against corona

  • Proprietary puppet materials? Down the new hobby rabbit hole I go...

  • Love it, Adam! Don't underestimate that mask. There is just as much science proving that your mask prevents covid...The teeth may provide additional benefit.

  • That’s amazing, I’m sure Adam could come up with a chin mechanism to make the mouth react when you speak, and that would be golden... =)

  • That mask Kylie made offers the exact same level of protection that a normal paper mask does. Nothing more than a slave muzzle that signifies you're susceptible to any form of government control.

  • Adam the duck!!!!

  • You Look like Howard the Duck

  • "I guess you could wear a mask underneath this" Don't you mean "I will now wear this puppet mouth over my mask every time I go outside"

  • Fun masks for people that wear glasses

  • Howard the Duck?

  • Now we need one with voice-activated animatronics 😁

  • I bet Adam will build a fur suit next

  • Those masks spark joy.

  • If you're a fan of the Got Talent Franchise you'll know what I'm talking about. Those muppet masks look very similar to a gimmick a couple of ventriloquists have used. Plastic mechanical strap on masks that have remote controls to operate the mouth. This turns any volunteers or draftees into living ventriloquist's dummies. The willing or unwilling "dummies" are supposed to play along with whatever narrative the "puppet master" has for their act. Funny yes, embarrassing pretty much a given especially when the "dummies" are Got Talent judges.

  • I'm pretty sure you will at some point modify these to move with your mouth, pretty much like the "Planet of the Apes" ones.

  • Well what it has in common with a COVID mask is it protects the same amount ...

  • Reminds me of Howard the Duck

  • Adam (howard) the duck Savage

  • i soooo want one :)

  • They look great. :D

  • I'd love to see these with an actuator like the ones Nina Conti uses in her shows (the audience participation bit).

  • That first mask gave me Howard the Duck vibes.

  • Nice,im so happy that your still doing other words love your and U in general.i hope to see u stay this way forever and btw love the suit.i made one out of scraps in a turned out to be decently bullet resistance.if your iron man suit is made of fiber glass it will stop nine mm. OLSO the iron man suit u panted it to tell the hole story.but there's a piece of the story missing.THE BULLET holes.anywho bye Thanks for your channel.☺️

  • Does anyone else get Fraggle Rock vibes from the masks. I know that I do. I also think that the first mask could be used for a Howard the Duck costume.

  • Not sure what that mask is trying to accomplish. The "lips" don't move when you speak, and there isn't any cloth that could act like a proper mask during COVID. I mean, they're kind of cool, but I feel like there was a real opportunity missed here.

  • So crazy... I had a dream last night that I found a club of people who make puppets and I joined it.

  • I so want one

  • 3:18 That laugh, with that mask, is a ray of sunshine. Good job, Kylie! 😀

  • currently 47 sales. lets see what the gets to by the end of the week =)

  • Howard's long lost cousin... Adam the Duck!

  • I work as a radtech in childrens hospital. If I were able to get something similar to this to wear over my mask (it would also have to be MR safe) I would surely check it out. This would make connecting with the kids so much easier. I already wear decked out clogs and often have unual items dangling from my pockets but being a muppet that scans or gives IV's would be awesome.

  • Adam, I’m thinking a one day build video of you creating a working mouth for these masks is called for.

  • Protects against sadness :)

  • Is he a man, or is he a muppet?

  • 😁

  • Instant Howard The Duck Horror

  • Anyone else think Adam looked a bit like Howard the Duck with the mask on? Funny stuff!

  • know your viewers, I know this not a medical mask...

  • Put a normal mask under it with a tongue print on it.

  • The second mask reminds me of Professor Frink from The Simpsons for some reason :)

  • Wearing mask's is not cool.

    • You are correct! but please make shore you put one on when you are around people you don't know! stay Cool

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩😂😂😂😂😁😁

  • This is pretty awesome

  • Kylie is a maker. Send her one of your aprons! Every maker should have a quality apron. Just a thought. Cheers

  • ALERT: Adam when you finally replace the leather top to your workbench, can you cut off a 4x4 square, sign it, and send it to me please???

  • Delightful!

  • I love them!

  • Kinda looked like Howard the duck