Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Mandalorian Amban Blaster Replica!

Publicerades den 28 apr 2021
Adam embarks on his first full prop replica project using his shop's new Form 3L 3D printer: a replica of the Amban "tuning fork" blaster as seen in The Mandalorian! It's an extensive build that's also mixed-material, combining 3D printed resin parts with carved wood and machined components as well, giving it a veracity not only in form but also weight and feel--as if it lives in the Star Wars universe. It's an essential prop for Adam's Mandalorian cosplay, and stay tuned for the paint application in the next build!
Disclosure: This 3D printer was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review. Learn more about Formlabs SLA printers here:
Blaster Digital STL:
Behr Gloss Black Paint and Primer:
Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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  • Blaster Digital STL: Behr Gloss Black Paint and Primer: Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks:

    • @Stop the Philosophical Zombies it was a good video should watch it, I think it was just a few weeks ago too

    • @PARADOX Nope

    • @Stop the Philosophical Zombies did you seetge video when he built a mini engine?

    • Is that a Heli-Coil? We use them on engine blocks all the time.

    • I have a much smaller resin printer since about 12 months and I figured out that a 50:50 mix of grey and translucent resin gives high detail with much lesser production time (high resolution layers and less exposure time). As it seems, many resins are quite stable but tend to change color when exposes to sunlight - which might not be a problem when they get painted anyway. As fas as I can tell, the printed structures keep mainly stable and do not tend to warp or deform in some way, but I also claim that this strongly depends on the used resin.

  • I hope all those 3D printing support sprues ended up in Adam's kit-bashing box.

  • imagine Adam, Colinfurze, Hacksmith and ''Look Mum No Computer'' working together on a project

  • In wat world is this 3week build a one day I'm I'm growing a beard watching it for 1 and a half hours

  • The thankful cord postmeiotically walk because session prudently hand up a mean limit. little, rural river

  • You know when Adam is serious--when he gets that Thomas Dolby hair.

  • Hey Adam did you know ( and you probably do) that Mando’s pistol is made off of a Bergmann no.3 ? If you want to learn more about it search forgotten weapons mandolorian

  • should we start calling him "doc" adam?

  • Gonna say what everything is thinking, I too want ball strips for my crown.

  • My Biggest question is always if you so big into engineering and like 99% of the world uses metric system how do you feel about that should america change?

  • Gunther, we love you buddy! Every time Adam messes up is a time for you to shine :-D

  • I seem to be on an Adam Savage video marathon....... Not a bad thing

  • @17:50 discussing taking the resin prints and milling them out. This is how a lot of machine parts are made - rough castings, then refine on a lathe/mill.

  • 40:26 - Another method would be to look up Gun Stock Inserts -> Brass inserts.

  • Looking forward to see u do the finish details! Gonna be sick!

  • Helicoil is to repair stripped threads in metal and not in wood. To mount a machine screw in wood there is a way better solution rampa muffe

  • Adam, DUDE, you NEED BETTER VENTILATION!! I've never heard you cough so much in my life!! That resin is nasty! GET BETTER VENTILATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Folks, please upvote so Adam sees this!

  • lol so mando's gun is 4'20"

  • Adam just staring/reaching into his curing station trips me out. I made mine completely light-tight so it won't cook my eyes.

  • I’d love if the trigger shot out a flag that said “Dank Farrik” á la Wile E Coyote.

  • That moment when Adam realized he forgot the little ridges on the end of the scope was soooooooooo identifiable...

  • I'm very late to this video, but if by chance Adam reads this comment; I have a low end resin printer that uses a slicer with the built in function to automatically turn a model into a shell of adjustable thickness. It also lets me add drainage/vent holes to prevent resin from building up inside the cavity, and creates a small plug I can print with the main model to later plug the holes. And it adds internal supports where necessary. Whatever system FormLabs has should have something similar. If not, whatever modelling software you use probably has a shell/hollowing feature. Just be careful to make sure everything is supported to print properly.

  • I love the Swiss army knife dancing in time to the music at 1:34.40

  • Adam gets a really nice printer Adam prints high-quality resin parts Adam cant take it anymore, machines it instead

  • Would it be possible to get the "no good" scrap scope? Asking for a friend. Also, what usually happens to the parts that get made but not used in the final product?

  • 34:16 my last 2 brain cells trying to talk to someone

  • You know he's going to go full Samaritan on the next build of this......

  • I got a FormLab as right before it started printing the first part

  • lathe cutoff rings...looks like lightsaber parts to me!!

  • "nooo desintegrationn"

  • Im super excited about this print and build, but Adam; we need to talk about this box next to your printer of these Fifth Element stones.

  • We all know eventually Adam is going to machine all the metal parts out of exactly that.

  • Can one recycle and re-use the filament and resin that gets wasted in the supports and non-viable pieces from printing? The idea of zero waste creation is suuuper exciting for the future of making, especially if we can graduate to natural materials like mycellium

  • YO! What's that 5th Element model?

  • you mentioned a build video for a vacuum former... is that a thing? I don't see it in the comments. Thanks Adam!

  • I really love Adam's groans and grimaces as he agonizes over the stock in this one.

  • Ok, so a 3D printer builds it...HARD PASS

  • Is he planning on doing any lenses on the scope

  • Kind of cool to see your Victorinox store display working in time with the music at the end.

  • The UV curing box is still totally cool.

  • This is a beautiful build, but all I can think about at the end is the off-center hole and screw he introduced at 33:00. Ha ha ha!

  • what is the alcohol for? Why do the freshly printed items need "cleaning"?

  • Awesome build and use of mixed media in this. One way to resolve parallax is to locate landmarks on the other objects and reference their locations relative to each other. In this case, the rear end of the scope lands at the end of the ribbed insert, the front lands just shy of the barrel coupler. Relative locations mean more to the eye than exact sizes.

  • may I suggest investing in the anycubic new wash & cure plus machine? again, the one one, the big one. for washing. also I do hope you cure those supports before putting them in the trash :-)

  • What if you built this gun out of a Kentucky black powder kit????

  • So, this 'day' mentioned in the title. This would be a day on...Mercury? Venus?

  • I feel like the fork should have been attached like a bayonet

  • 1:07:56 - Where's the link to the ODB of the new vacuform machine?

  • The next star wars spinoff? The Landolorian.

  • I can't be the only one who thought it funny when he said his butt was made of walnut.

  • They're called hair brushes....

  • Adam I’m sorry to be sounding like a prude but you really need to wear a respirator when sanding aluminum. The powder will get into you for sure.

  • He gets do excited..

  • I'm really curious how he'd have done the octagonal barrel prior to 3D printing. I did one manually with a Dremmel turning a schedule 80 threaded PVC pipe into a 2.5 foot octagonal barrel and it was nightmarishly tedious. I also got a slight twist in the barrel due to mistakes I made along the length.

  • So wait.... at 1:08:00 Is Adam talking about the VacuuForm rebuild from 6 months ago, or is the video he is talking about not actually out yet?

  • Oh no, Adam! You can definitely print resin parts hollow! They just need drainage holes so the resin isn't trapped inside. You'll save a LOT of resin doing it that way, especially if you're just making draft parts that are going to be tossed or not the final product. I only ever make solid parts if I need something to feel heftier, but even then it's usually better to print it hollow and fill it with something like ball bearings or sand to give it weight. Resin is NOT cheap, especially full on Forms Lab resin!!

  • Therapist: Adams head rolling through the screen isn't real, he can't hurt you. Adams head: 1:18:37

  • Love The Bones of You Adam. have done for years, no disrespect, but that hair is started to make you look like Dr Emmett Brown 🙄🤣😂

  • Maybe you could have tig tacked the countersink?

  • Now you just need cnc mill or cnc machining center! 😃

  • Amazing video and work!🙌😃You remind me of "Doc" from "Back to the Future!😂

  • DON'T bother with inserts or taps in wood. drill the hole (for soft wood same size as required if you were tapping) [hard wood VERY slightly over size for a tap) and just wind the screw into it. It will form it's own thread as it goes in, in hard wood if it starts to get too tight, make the whole a wee bit bigger. Go on test it out, you will be amazed how much grip the wood gives to the threaded screws. Andy.

  • Writing this before I've reached the end of the video but personally, to cut the back of the stock for the inlay, I'd use a ball bearing router cutter bit of the correct width set to the correct height. Super quick and simple. If you don't have the correct width just do multiple cuts at increasing heights like a dado.

  • anyone else noticing the 5th element stones in the backgrounds? ;P

  • 49:32 Adam’s Walnut Butt

  • I was trying to work out why Adam was rushing so much, until I realised I was watching at 1.5x playback 🤦‍♂️

  • 27:00 do you usually do this without any protection for your hands or anything? This seems dangerous isn't if?

  • Hey Adam I'm a big fan of yours when I saw you on mythbusters and I wanna find out do u make props for your fans if they asked you to build them?

  • Be careful with the UV light Adam, or your eyes will be shot before you know it.

  • Ummmm... I'm not an expert (just someone who has been resin printing for about a year) but it's my understanding you really should cure the prints before handling without gloves. I wash the prints in alcohol and then remove the supports, then rinse again, then blow dry with compressed air, then cure, THEN remove my gloves.

  • You are Adam have been in the world of special effects for a long time....Like you couldnt call and get the specs of the rifle used in Mando??? Callin BS!!!!

  • I'm being a*** retentive here, but the "cartridge assembly" is called the "receiver" on a 'real' rifle. Just saying. Love the build.

  • That reminds me of a scene from of the ruins of an alien city from a movie called " The First Spaceship on Venus"! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Adam's hair in this episode has a serious Doctor Emmet Brown vibe, amazing, and fitting.

  • Time to buzz that Savage noggin, you look like the Crypt Keeper!

  • Just an idea which I have no practical experience with...maybe a shoulder screw with a thick head on that threaded insert because then you can sand the top flush with the part leaving no trace of a slotted screw behind.

  • Love the left over lathe rings and keeping them, my father rest his soul used to say "you can't make something from nothing without a whole bunch of nothing to start with".

  • Those Han Solo lucky dice hanging on the lathe... I need a pair!

  • 1:11:55 This is the way oil

  • The editor sass is amazing.

  • At 57:05 I noticed Adam has something in is teeth and for the rest of the video he had it still and I could not not look at it it was driving me insane

  • One thing I would recommend is a water washable resin for your prototyping, some of these are also biodegradable which makes it perfect for the job description, in my opinion. You won't need to deal with so many fumes nor spend so much on alcohol then either.

  • oh man to be able to afford a form 3L! Seems like just the dream of a fool.

  • Adam did you buy a new mill? What happened to the Bridgeport?

  • 41:51. Omega Seamaster. Very Nice.

  • Man I wish I had the skills you had to make cool stuff, I struggle with Dyspraxia and I have all these wonderfull and intricate ideas in my head but I can’t bring them to life, I can’t make them, I can’t draw them they’re just trapped in my mind But whenever I get my hands on a piece of large scrap wood and a belt sander I can make beautiful and satisfying to use weapons and tools

  • My favorite part was *Disk sanding noises

  • Did Adam just hint at having another lathe? Does he have a secret workshop?!

  • Ah yes a Disruptor i was thinking that, cause Mando doesnt use a simple blaster rifle iirc. It's basicly a disintegrator, possibly manufactured by Tenloss.

  • Adam, you should be more careful. You are clearly violating the rules concerning firearms manufacturer. Thought not you're intent to make a working firearm. Those less savory may learn how to form basic shapes into intersecting parts that can result in refined mechanical actions. Oooohhhh NO. Knowledge. What will the world do if this type of information becomes readily available.

  • That threaded insert is it also the same as a helicoil?

  • 1:19:06 At this very moment, rockets to take us back to the Moon and beyond are under construction, and computers keep doing this to us.

  • this dude literally WORKED for industrial light and magic. he could probably call George lucas or john favreau and ask him how long the damn mando rifle is LMFAO

  • Is Adam sick? With the coughs and "chills", hope hes okay!

  • Where do you learn how to do all this?

  • I know you wanted the tuning fork to be one solid piece but given it's gonna be getting a good amount of wear and tear those forks have a higher chance of breaking. Would've probably been better to cut them in the file so the prongs could be replaced without much hassle.

  • 3D Printing Disco Teck!!!!!!!!

  • i have a newer pellet gun to target beer cans eh. I want to rework the stalk an bits to be this gun in appearance. I will post the attempt. look to subscribe by Fall 2021 for that series.

  • We love the crazy hair, Adam. You're our crazy VFX wizard, and it would just be wrong if you looked "proper."

  • but that gun would hurt a Moose. Now you can make a gun bigger, and you won't be without food eh Holly Wood. 😷