Adam Savage's One Day Builds: LEGO Blade Runner Spinner Model!

Publicerades den 21 apr 2021
Adam heads over to the Tested studio to find enough space for a 2000-piece custom LEGO build of the Spinner car from Blade Runner! This model comes courtesy of BrickVault, who put together detailed instructions and parts lists for massive MOCs inspired by our favorite movies, games, and fandoms. Follow along as Adam puts this kit together and shows off the clever ways that fan designers have replicated this iconic vehicle.
Thanks to BrickVault! Find their designs and instructions at:
This Spinner model was designed by David Duperron
Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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  • Thanks to BrickVault! Find their designs and instructions at: This Spinner model was designed by David Duperron Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks:

    • looks nice. A rather studless Lego model is not too common. So well done!

    • Hey, what's the name of the music at 9:10 ? If you can't say, please tell me so I know not to ask every time it comes up. Thanks.

    • @Robert Garcia should have known... or at least googled :p

    • I think we spend more time building things than appreciating them.

    • @Matthew Phillips More than just an Australian show, mate:

  • try a spinner disc launcher, launching fiery balls, tesla turbine type circular track with a fast gate, up to hyper sonic, expect 120krpm, centrifugal force will throw the ball out when the gate is open

    • if you spin fast enough, you can have it heat up to plasma, or dc-lentz it to plasma while rotating around the track

    • should be very close to a trebuchet, check tom stanton's tennis ball cannon, electric speeder

  • Build idea: Have you ever build a sim-racing rig? Why not make a functional rig with a dashboard in BladeRunner style? IKR

  • Adam: Wears glasses for whole video, sticker cutting and other precision allignments come up...takes glasses off. Me: Wait, that's illegal.

  • Vegas, at least that was the first screen name I knew you under while you were still alive as my grandpa, you're really fired.

  • Bitch, you are done making Swiss rolls.

  • Dude those are cool legos.

  • I cant justify the amount of money these things cost but even if I did I would have to use twice as much glue as it cost. But it's fun to watch someone else do it lol.

  • Such a joy to watch Adam get excited building this.

  • Oh, you will be spinning...

  • No

  • Time to buzz that head bro, you look like an old wash woman!

  • David Attenborough impression and Glaswegian accents in the same ODB, amazing.

  • Sounds like a bad book design idea. Maybe if it was unbound but that means each time you flip a page you also have to flip the entire book.

  • That thing needs some lights

  • I could tell what the build was just by careful observation of the video title.

  • I've noticed ever since Adam was knolled in the Expanse, he doesn't do it as much. =P

  • Happy to see Adam has stopped wasting time with knolling of pre organized legos.

  • When Americans say Lego’s 😫😫😫😫

  • are that lego or lego compatible bricks??

  • 15:50 "that's a nice looking rear-end!" -Adam Savage, 2021

  • And this is how adam gets converted into a full time lego builder 😂 Also love to see angus maclane’s -of pixar- lego ideas walle set in the background. Would be awesome to see you guys make a lego video together

  • Vangelis should be providing the background music

  • Wow, that was a sweet build!

  • I gasped when he said he would glue some parts

  • **** me!! That very cool lego ever!! 36:36 👍

  • I used to finish these in an hour as a kid, no offence adam.

  • My compliments to whomever does the music selection to go with the time lapse sequences. Though the music choices might not always be my "cup of tea," it always goes well with the video.

  • Legos are awesome. Anyone that say they aren't one of the ultimate toys is DELUSIONAL

  • Adam: I LOVE KNOLLING SO MUCH, I DO IT ALL THE seriously, knolling is the greatest thing ever, especially with Lego. it just makes everything so much more efficient, and truly builds are faster if you knoll first. me: skepticals....outside of the fact i didn't hear about knolling till Adam said it, it seems a world of inefficient just to de-clutter. Adam: 2000 piece....yea, i'm not gonna knoll. takes too much time.

  • Just want to point out a common mistake. "Lego", derived from the Danish phrase "leg godt"", which means "play well". Thus there is no plural. 1 piece of Lego or 100 pieces of Lego. Not Legos as many people call multiple pieces.

  • I love how excited you get when building these awesome Lego sculptures! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Tears from right eye are tears of happiness. Tears from left eye, tears of sorrow. Tears from both eyes, stepped on Lego... LoL

  • Adam, honestly (HOT TAKE MAYBE?!?) i don't like your knolling thing, it goes against my lego experience. what i'm trying to say is that there is a certain element of chaotic discovery that i've always clung to with lego that few other media can convey, and knolling turns it into something that's almost paint by numbers. so having seen several ODBs where you've done that, this feels like a return to form, and is frankly a more enjoyable experience to watch for it

  • if i didn't read the title just going off the color of the Lego pieces i would have assumed it a Thomas the train Lego build

  • Am I the only one that doesn't like knolling legos? I have always just loved the hunt for the piece. Guess I am kind of old school because I remember when legos just came in un-numbered bags and as a kid we would just rip open all the bags and then build.

  • I can sit forever and watch Adam build anything. But ... there was one line here which sums up his entire portfolio of work. "Did I build this thing upside down....?"

  • I really enjoy watching your videos and I am the same way when it comes to cool vehicles and toys geeking out at levels of detail.

  • That page rip hurt my soul......

  • lol i love when you slip into your david attenbourouh voice. makes me miss you observing the hynemin

  • when you mean the kits benefit from not going thru corporate, do you mean like not having to justify reusing certain retired molds or creating new ones? or just licensing bc that seems obvious but just wasnt sure what else you may have meant

  • Is that armor from Warcraft behind you?

  • Very cool. I can imagine that you would cherish any time with Gene Winfield. You know the connection

  • I heard at Lego Land there was an earthquake that destroyed 10 blocks. I am not sure if I should be concerned or not.................

  • You have done a couple scratch built models episodes. But I am wanting to take on building scratch built version of the class ships for the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic and would like to see a few more scratch build episodes

  • OMG Adams for all that is holy in the world of building models please stop putting your projects on the edge of the table!!!!

  • Drinking game: take a shot every time Adam says the word "Engeneering" preceded by a praising adjective 😂😂

  • Boy oh boy, those arguments with himself must be interesting but I wonder who wins.🤭

  • His next build - a PBJ.

  • I wonder if you've considered more drawer style work tops under your workbenches, like the one you built for your new 3D printer, for light duty applications such as this.

  • OOOOHHHH! Seeing Adam Savage built unique Lego models is a dream come true!! And props to the designer! Such incredible details! I legitimately love it!

  • Leftover parts?

  • 18:43 This week Adam Savage is...... Blue Ghost from Pac-man!

  • I havent seen maddie (dog) around the shop lately, is she okay?

  • Adam, I highly recommend Kevin J. Walter's Rocinante from BrickVault as well!

  • *did you see the kid who built a Princess Bride themed Lego Build from scratch and is now submitting it as a possible kit to Lego?* *also Adam, with the many excellent fan made Blade Runner fan made films out there (slice of life being one of the best) have you considered making one of your own, or at least contributing to one as far as prop building fabrication?*

  • Is it just me or is the ending very weird? I wanted to see more of the finished car.

  • Awesome build that looks amazing

  • How much for genuine LEGO for this build?

  • When will we see the Officer K Blade Runner coat? I've been curious for weeks!

  • Have you considered acquiring and assembling the Ultimate collectors edition LEGO star destroyer?

  • What about sourcing of the parts? Do they come as a kit/kits or are they compiled from a host of lots of separate Lego parts you have to “find”?

  • Should have made page sides to be the turning, so just turn page and have both in view not one and having to turn book over.

  • Shout out to Syd Mead, the artist who designed the Spinner (who sadly died in 2019), and Gene Winfield, the Custom Car/hot rodding legend who built the Spinners for the original, 1982 movie. Winfield is still painting cars (what originally made his name) and chopping Mercury's, on his ranch in Mojave. Winfield also built the Shuttlecraft, for the original Star Trek series, as well historic show cars/Customs like the 'Jade Idol', 'Stripstar' and 'Reactor' ('Reactor' also featured in Star Trek TOS, Bewitched, and the 60s Batman series).

  • I LOVE that YOU LOVE everything Blade Runner related.

  • I should go back and watch the other LEGO spinner you built, almost exactly a year ago.

  • Lego is boring and overpriced. It's for people with zero skills.

  • Poseable action figure scale?

  • Sorry, but this has little to do with Lego. This is just a different form of a Revell kit. But, that's just my age speaking, I suppose.

  • 31:35 ah-oh, poh-pi-chah

  • 15:48 heh

  • Is that a yellow steampunk-y millennium falcon in the background?

  • 0:53 Dude just saunters in the background...

  • I like that the used the 1980's computer font like in the movie.

  • I am currently building this with my daughter (7yr). Great build

  • Love it when Adam Geeks Out.

  • Argh, that bent antenna was driving me crazy!

  • He’s going to use the Kragle!!!

  • Me (not reading anything): OH OH OH...SPACESHIP...KITBASH!!! > Me (after reading): Aaaaaw :'

  • You cant get kits from brickvault only instructions so unless you want to spend hours on bricklink and a lot of money dont go to their website.

  • This is the first time I've ever heard of the OCD subcategory "knolling"

  • Adam. A bit off topic I know, but just watching a Tim Hunkin video and old school maker, where he mentioned something I had never heard of "Tolerance rings".. a small stock of which could be a useful addition to your workshop. If you've not hard of them, take a look here

  • Amazing, huge Blade Runner fan here !! Thanks !!

  • Just love Adam Savage. Thank you Adam, an absolute pleasure to watch.

  • I love the build! But I really wish they'd spent more time making the instructions look presentable if they're selling them to people. The white borders look so ugly and the design of the cover could have been much better

    • They don't really sell printed instructions, normally pdf files that you download, so this must have been a one-off for Adam for the sake of filming.

  • I love the build! But I really wish they'd spent more time making the instructions look presentable if they're selling them to people. The white borders look so ugly and the design of the cover could have been much better

  • Either you love Lego OR you love cats, since we aren't allowed to have our own Lego room in their house 😏

    • The solution is obvious: make cats out of Legos.

  • NO "S" IN LEGO!

  • Watching Lego Masters on Australian TV at the moment, now more Lego from Adam. Can never get enough!

  • That is an interesting choice for the instructions. You could slide a dowel in there to hang it up by the rings and it would always be right-side up... put that on a swivel and you're set.

  • That ending was a bit abrupt?

  • 1818 pieces?!? Holy crap, Batman!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • As a legit movie buff who's seen 10's of thousands of movies... Blade Runner is a pile of crap! The most boring Sci-Fi on Earth!!! Both versions suck equally!

  • 6:04 - hahahaha, nice. Tom Sachs is gonna be mad at you, though! :D

  • Will you do weathering of the car?

  • I'm not sure this would be a great idea but it would be nice to see future videos like this with the experimentation of ASMR builds like Gio San Pedro's Model kit builds.

  • This special

  • Very Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anyone notice he didn't really use the stand?

  • Still look great Adam still watch the mythbuster. You still looking good