Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hyperdodecahedron Model Kit!

Publicerades den 17 apr 2021
A perfect weekend project is this beautiful model kit: the Hyperdo from Zometools. Adam received one based on the recommendation of his good friend Kevin Kelly, and spends the day putting this complex geometric object together. It's a hyperdodecahedron--or more specifically the 3D projection of the 4D object known as the 120-cell. It's not a simple assembly, but the finished model is so very rewarding!
Zometool Hyperdo Kit:
Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson saysdanica
Set build by Asa Hillis
Thanks for watching!
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  • Zometool Hyperdo Kit: Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.

    • @Luke Hawkinson that is very true, but I bet Adam could manage to pull it off; even if it took some help.

    • @Adam Savages's Tested, Have you considered how you are going to mount it? Could you make a gyro mount for it? and would that actually work to show of the symmetries inside it with little to no external power. solar panels running slow gears maybe? something like a half turn every 3 hours on all 3 axis. heck one could even put a sperical led in the middle of it turning it into a dyson sphere.

    • @Jason Krise the level of complexity involved in that would be several orders of magnitude past the infinity mirror dodecahedron he built awhile back. the only way i can think to do that would be to make ARGB light modules that are inside the nodes. wiring the thing would be a separate challenge.

    • May have to move away from the beloved Adam. Projects are far from the early 'making' days and becoming extended add for expensive models. Money puts food on the table. Enjoy the banquet Adam

    • When u said cell ... what did u mean. Was it the visual site line that u would see in the end or shape section ?


  • 28:29 Bless you

  • Just got my kit last night. This was such a joy to build and I’m over the moon with the results. 😀👍😀👍

  • For anyone wanting to know more about Kevin Kelly, here's his Wikipedia page:

  • what? no knolling?


  • i didnt know this? Matt Parker Crossover? told the story then. nice to see the photo

  • you should always work with that music - you go so much faster! :p

  • If I could get this in silver and black anodized aluminum I'd buy it in a heartbeat...

  • There better not be a Micronesian Krishna in this...

  • What's a hyper nerd? DnD player, who rolls hd20s

  • We're gonna pretend simping over social justice is good? Thumbs down.

  • Not going to lie, I reached for my isopropyl alcohol sprayer when you sneezed.

  • Oh my God, I loved ZOOB! We gave a huge set to my son in about 2000 or so, and he was constantly building amazing things out of it. So cool that you were head of R&D for a while there.

  • That thing is mental... I love it

  • I am surprised and stunned that Adam didn't spend time knolling parts before he started the build.

  • Cindy Laow-per? It's Cindy Law-per. And she wants to have fun.

  • Hey Adam, I have a few videos on my channel where I explore and explain some of Bucky Fuller's Synergetics. I even show a very simple and easy way to weave synergetic spacetime that is both low cost and low tech. there's a lot of useful applications for these principles and patterns and I can't wait to see more people engage and create a world more in line with the way Universe is doing it.

  • I wanna see you try modular origami

  • Would make a cool lamp "shade"

  • Fon Davis! I loved Mouser Mecha-CatBot! It wasn't a championship bot, but there are other forms of winning.

  • Dohickydecahedron ? I keep hearing it like that :D

  • Nice!

  • After PKD's rap battle... which was written rather poorly. It ends by forgetting what side you are arguing.... implosion/explosion... not sure. Rebounded off all walls. I was not beaten and I knew it...then... whats the point happened... circle became sphere.... square became cube.

  • Am I alone in yelling use the lid to hold the balls?

  • I would have put a bit of tape on the inner dodecahedron, so you could easily see where the centre was when you were adding each of the outer structures one by one.

  • Elite: Dangerous Coriolis station anyone? :)

  • Oh man, it may have only made it out to layer 4 of 9, but watching that still adds a lot of intuition to the 4-d shape. Once I understand where the 30 equatorial docecahedra fit in, the rest is just mirror symmetry

  • me not realizing what eh builds at the beginning and then it made click, hey a D12 ... my DND brain is totally broken...

  • 4:43 nice toss

  • The perfect job doesn't exist.... Adam gets paid to play, I stand corrected

  • the music reminds me of a game called Teeworlds !!

  • If Adam savage says it’s kind of confusing, I would be doomed to failure!!!

  • It's the 4D equivalent to the dodecahedron. The 'hyper' equivalent to a flat polyhedral face is called a 4D 'cell'. The full object is exactly 120 dodecahedral cells all perfectly touching each other with 3 around every edge. All the cells here (aside from the central one) are squished by their projection into 3-space. That's also why many of the cells seem to have disappeared when more than one projects to exactly the same location. Even so, I think a few layers of cells were left out because they'd be unworkably flat. Just know that in the true 4D space they are all perfect dodecahedrons with no room to add any more.

  • When I have parts leftover I know something went wrong.

  • ZOOB was a huge part of my childhood

  • Watching Adam struggling with his allergies almost started mine off in sympathy 😟

  • is it a moon, nope, who stole the plans from the empire ? still needs cladding ... power generator and planet buster canon, space port, tractor beam, cantina but ... scaling this up to a space station, would this be used in space to build ? back on earth, why not start with a full height central tube and build out ...

  • I can imagine someone (or you...) trying to put it back in the tub/box and it doesn't fit...

  • I am laughing my departure off. You might as well be describing the Turbo Encabulaor. :) I'd understand that better than the Geometry (sadly my favorite branch of math) you are describing.

  • 10 years ago, if you told us we'd spend 30+ minutes watching a grown man assembling a 'toy, you might think something was wrong. Today, it's perfect.

  • Gesundheit.

  • Adam if you push this too far, you are gonna create an gigantic Coronavirus. Be careful with that!

  • You are a global treasure of a man. Almost like a remade david attenborough.. please never stop

  • Adam, if there was a Nobel Prize for services to the special affects industry, then you would surely have to be in the top 10 nominations! The best thing about you is how you use your depth of knowledge, skills and prolific achievements to inform and inspire others. I do miss Mythbusters but we are all more than compensated with your SElists content of pure and distilled Savage!

  • The Zometool node is actually based on the rhombicosidodecahedron with 12 pentagonal holes, 20 triangular holes, and 30 rectangular holes.

  • So what happened to that Rhombic Dodecahedron that you and Matt Parker made?

  • I use a paper towel like a throw-away Hanky! LOL when it is no longer usable then I throw it out. love Sponge Towel Soft as well and the darn tissues just fall apart in my hand lol

  • It's pretty complex yet beautiful.

  • Adam has one-day builds. I have "one day"-builds. One day I'm gonna build this.

  • The 120 cell is a 4d polytobe projected into 3D space is this.

  • The second step is 12 dodecahedrons wrapped around a central dodecahedron, which was step one. Since they dont tile evenly in 3d, they had to be deformed to make them fit. Steps three and and four connects the outermost surfaces to form an outer geodesic sphere.

  • The zone of proximal development is the degree of difficulty that is just beyond the learner’s ability. There is discomfort experienced, but it is the kind that results in the greatest degree of learning. Sounds like a perfectly targeted design to me! Also: gesundheit!

  • I'm bummed this thing is sold out now.

  • As a fan of Dungeons & Dragons. I love dodecahedrons.

  • love the way you teach science adam and captain lou also played mario in the super mario bros. super show back in the 80's

  • Way to be Adam! I bought a kit in about "95 here in Boulder Colorado area for my son. Thanks for sharing the only you do!

  • Did you just assume Kevin's gender??

  • "The gold standard is lego" I'd argue that Ikea is also actually really good, though I'm sure there are those who'd disagree... =D

  • If you show this to a Borg you get an infinite loop.

  • omg i loved zube

  • ...A big guy in 'social justice' circles, eh? Well maybe the genuinely downtrodden will forgive him some day! Give me an 'honest bigot' any day.

  • The 120-cell is my favorite shape. I'm actually working on a little C++ library that explores the dodecahedron (using the A5 group), and I'm thinking of generalizing it for more shapes in different numbers of dimensions. EDIT: ah, only 45 cells. oh well, still neat. Also, it seems it needs mentioning that the “hyperdodecahedron” (the 120-cell) is a 4-dimensional regular polytope (a 4-dimensional “platonic hypersolid”, of sorts).

  • the fact he didnt knoll the set before building it is disappointing.

  • When did Adam get a new mill?

  • This channel should be titled "First World Hobbies".

  • Anyone want a cheaper alternative check out "snapology". It's modular origami that uses strips of paper and can be used to make all sorts of shapes including platonics and other solids. All you need is paper and a way to cut it into strips!

  • It’s messed up that a person needs to apologize for sneezing to people not even in the room and not even watching this live. You’d figure an excuse me would be sufficient. Anyways, bless you!!

  • Adam I feel your pain, paper towels are the only thing durable enough for my nose during allergy season.

  • I want one of these, but Amazon's out of stock... But I suddenly want to spend some time with coloured card and constructing all the Platonic and Archimedean solids. When I was in high school, the library had a book on stellations, and I was probably the only person to take it out over several decades.

  • This would be an amazing thing to try and make a stereogram of, the side by side image that you force to simulate a 3D pov.

  • I need filming lights like those.

  • Allergy season or covids? (allergy season.)

  • Got pretty exited till I saw what the kit cost, trick in awesome though.

  • put a light in the center , think of the pattern of the shadows .

  • I have NO fuckin' idea what happend in my brain at the time but the look of the small thumbnail and the title made my read it as LargeHydronCollider Model Kit and now I'm disappointed 😑

  • Pretty surprised Adam didn't start by knolling the pieces. Very cool kit, gonna have to try it out!

  • this is clearly how the structure of the death star was built

  • Now take it apart, spray all the pieces gold and then put it back together :-D

  • Somebody get Adam some Zen magnets before they go out of business!

  • What happened with the raptor build?

  • When Adam started talking about "the fat blue cell" as if we all understood the nomenclature he just invented I realised that this was the closest we'll ever get to seeing him high on DMT.

  • 25.20 is such a satisfying image to look at. The way the it has been placed is like looking through a tunnel! So much going on in there.

  • My school lab in Brazil had one kit of it brought from the US and it was by far my Chemistry teacher's most prized possession. It was the best way to show how atoms come together. This is extra nice because he looked like Adam.

  • 25:19 Adam accidentally nails the POV on the alignment he is talking about.

  • Gold standard for assembly instructions right now would definitely have to be bandai model kits imo! Even lego seems to be unclear on some piece placement sometimes.

  • Imagine a hyperdodecahedron kit but each leg is a tube with LEDs in it!

  • Adam over here building a Magog Worldship

  • fun fact: there's one of these inside every 1 millionth basketball produced each year by Spaulding and if five of these are found on the next day these lucky people will gather in the morning at the gates of the great Spaulding basketball factory and at the stroke of 10am Michael Jordan himself will come out and greet everyone and the 5 lucky people will join Mr. Jordan inside for a game of hoops and whoever wins will be given the keys to the factory and become owner of the largest manufacturer of basketballs in the world!!!!!!!!!

  • I had a similar kit as a kid in the 80s called Ramagon! Hours of building and enjoyment!

  • "it has to end some day" :'( That hit differently. Why did you say it like that? I'm tearing up. It might be the whiskey. I feel like this self-awareness is for nought but constantly being aware you/we/this species will not exist in the near future.

    • Yes, mortality sucks... 😂

  • Platonic Solids and... Romantic Solids

  • B. Fuller's -Critical Path- was eye opening for me. After 37 years of working in manufacturing I've learned that no one in management has ever read this book.

  • Next thing you will build would be hypercube ;D PS: I just love your H. R. Giger style lights :D

  • I'm not sure I understand this concept. The title says Adam Savage's One Day Builds, yet it was completed in ONE DAY? I always thought these took at least two weeks!

  • Can we see a non timelasped video so we all can build along with you. Love your videos been a fan of yours for years.

  • good lord, it's quite expensive

  • But what about the farmland?? 8)

  • Hey Adam, I love the video as always, but I'd like to ask a favor: you used the phrase "he ... or she" when referring to young engineers - I'd like to ask you to try to just say "they". It's quicker, easier, and more inclusive to non-binary engineers such as myself