Adam Savage Reorganizes His Workshop's Material Storage!

It's a task we all put off doing in our workshops, but it's about time for Adam to inventory, resupply, and reorganize his shop's material storage wall! Just as his tool storage reflects his build philosophy and workflows, material storage is just as important and needs the same attention to detail. And in this cleanup and organization process, Adam reflects on how his builds have evolved and what materials he's gravitated more towards over the past year. Let's hang out in this shop infrastructure day and please share how you keep your build materials organized in your own shops!
Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan
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Thanks for watching!


  • I like how you said "you can't save everything" 😂 my dad was a tinkerer and rebuilder of antiques and other collectibles. When I cleaned out his shop... He saved everything. 🤣

  • I love these shop reorganization/ 1 day builds!!!

  • That storage went from "what the fuck is that mess?" to "material storage". Much better!

  • Year plus later... "covid" excuse... makes me laugh.

  • Do you own your shop or rent?

  • what was that first time lapse video's song?

  • new miling mashine ????

  • Anyone else inspired to go clean the garage now?

  • was talking about this yesterday comparing shop organisation like this to organisation of legal law books and regulations. you can only organise to a certain level and some things will never fit in one place

  • You have inspired me...I have to follow your lead.

  • The problem is only solved for now... Thanks, I needed to be reminded of this as someone currently organising the scientific stores at work. People are naturally messy, they have places to be and things to do! I've seen managers expecting perfect cleanliness but that won't last, but a good system will help

  • Adam I love how you can go from very deep talking about a budist teacher to an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression

  • I could watch you organize your shop for hours....... I on the other hand am slacking in organizing mine... it’s gunner to watch you do it

  • Adam, you have to make a SElists Channel where you synchronize the time lapse music to the motorized pocket knife. and show nothing but the pocket knife. Way better than HypnoFrog! You do pick good stuff for Time Lapse!

  • Your infrastructure videos are often my favorites. I have a very small workspace, and making it function at all within the space I have is a constant challenge. Understanding how others - especially those for whom it is a profession - approach theirs is invaluable. One of my favorite things to do has been to load up Tested VR and pause after each of the different artisans' segments has a cut, then just look around their shops and see how they approach things.

  • I moved on the day this aired. I only got around to watching this 6 days later. I get Adam's organizational pains.

  • Sir. Time to remembrance the crew cut. Just avoid all gas filled fish tanks.

  • Hes like Doc from back to the future

  • i accept mdf a nd ldf donations!

  • you know Adam is absolutely loaded when he can buy that much new wood... delivered to his door. the Man is just flexing now.

  • The Swiss Army Knife was dancing to your music during the time lasp shot! Love it!

  • I saw a First Aid sign in this video. I would love Adam to do a segment on Essential First Aid and Emergency equipment on a future segment. What did he have on hand, or wish he had on hand, when he damaged his finger last year?

  • What? NOT done a "silent retreat?' What are those time lapse periods?

  • Hi Adam, I know what you mean about getting your shop a good tidy once in a while. And I had a lot of electronic stuff for a long while and one day I said to my self I can not be a custodian of this stuff and I had to let go and when I did, I felt a great relief that I did do that. Not only that , but I dumped four bookcases of books with the bookcases and I freed a lot of area so now I have room to put up my stereo center and other things I meant to do but was too lazy to do it. You can not hang on to everything in your shop and it will feel too cluttered after a while, so at least once a year, give your shop a good tidy and you will feel glad because of it. Too much stuff in your shop makes you feel weighed down and you got to let go. Sincerely, Robert

  • My shop organisation process is mostly moving the mess around to clear a working spot, until that spot become the mess receiving area, for a different project.

  • How (or do) you store larger pieces, say 4'x4'? I like the idea of vertical cubbies and these appear to be about 2' deep but I'm always struggling to store larger pieces. Maybe I need to accept cutting it down for storage and buying a full sheet when I need something bigger. Great timing on this video, I was just contemplating managing this paradox in my garage.

  • No tengo talento pero fuerza eso siempre vasss!

  • The swiss army knife is dancing to the timelapse music

  • Man I could use that 1/4in plywood. saving scraps/ cut off scan be worth it, getting the most use out of your initial material investment… however you should regularly go through and get rid of what you know you can live without. You can either set it out for your neighbors to possibly use, or give it to a schools wood shop or a makers center. And if you ever are coming near the Sacramento area I could definitely put it to use. If my back could handle the drive, I’d come to you. There’s also Veteran groups that do some woodcarving and woodworking. I haven’t had time to look for one near me since we moved here but I will soon. Dang it I wish I was a buddy of yours just to BS and help out with this sort of stuff. And be able to take some of that material off your hands.

  • Not sure if anyone else has suggested this or not... Nevertheless, you should sell your fat builds. Start a web site or something and put them up for auction. Half of the money could go to a charity 🤔

  • That's some great editing

  • Adam, did you touch the live T-Rex fence again?!😠😝

  • How to limit your scrap pile is to have a fire pit.

  • Three most-used tools in my shop: Cabinet Saw, Dust Collector and Fire Pit.

  • Time to buzz that head, bro it just looks ridiculous!

  • Props to Norman for syncing the time lapse music to the Swiss Army Knife movement. :)

  • Better've washed your paw after sneezing into it, mister!

  • You need to make Bird houses out of your scrap😂

  • Why does the mill look so different? Is that new? I’m I just making that up?

  • Hi Adam, how do you take care fire extinguishers? Do you have some kind of system in place?


  • All those wood products can be placed into the green compost bin and it cost nothing to dispose of. As for building materials you might want to look at 1X6 pine boards (fence board grade) sold in homeless despot (Home Depot) at this time sold for $1.55 each compared to other sheet goods that have skyrocketed in cost. This change of building material will allow you to practice more with solid wood to build up your skills with woodworking jointery. Pine is superior in strength compared to particle board or medium density fiberboard and can be used to build stronger shelving and storage bins.

  • He's drunk

  • I Love that the big Swiss Army knife in the upper left corner moves in time with the music.

  • The Swiss army knife is moving to the beat of the overlay music.

  • I have never in my life heard someone refer to Masonite as an exotic. :-)

  • The Swiss Army knife keeps pretty good time.

  • How about discovering about 6-7 bins of various fabric pieces while mucking out your storage. A local re-enactor swap meet LOVED us the following month

  • Don't fall in love w your materials. Best piece of advice i ever received. . .

  • REALLY want to see MORE OF YOUR WOODWORKING!!! please :)

  • I've just watched 20 minutes of a grown man tidying his playroom, and enjoyed every second of it :D

  • Love the knife dancing to the music!

  • Adam, can you throw some links for where you get your plywood?

  • GOD, You've remained such an inspiration to my mindset for so long that time just seems to vanish. I'm coming up on my 28th birthday this year, and it seems like every week I've pushed to learn something new with your incredible value for knowledge always in the back of my head. WHY NOT understand fiberglass, and I SHOULD work with masonry this week, and YES I do need to know how everything I encounter works. I truly hope to meet you one day, the things you've created have remained inspirational due to your methodology and amazing outcomes.

  • Sometimes you just need to toss all your scrap and start over

  • Two things... @ 5:40... did Adam blow his nose... and the editor kept it in, or was that part of the music track? Second, where does the editor get the incredible music tracks from? I love the music for the time lapse!

  • If you get ride of all the scrap you'll never build a armor suit in a cave with a box of scrap.

  • @6:00 anyone else notice the music is perfectly timed with the swiss army clock?

  • as long as I get my moneys worth out of a piece of wood, I have no problem trashing scraps

  • This is just a humble flex. Look at all that wood! This man rich

  • Did you ever watch Julius Sumner Miller’s old physics demonstrations, he was the MYTHBUSTER 45 years before the MYTHBUSTERS, look him up absolutely genius physics demos.

  • A great place for the little scraps of wood, foam core board etc to go to are preschools where they do wood projects learning how to drive in nails/screws ( wood) and art projects (foam core etc)

  • How one person acquires so much stuff to put in one space is beyond me. I’m an organization nut and that shop hurts my brain

  • I literally stressed out over the cleansing of material in my garage today. And as nerd hobbyist and a new homeowner, I relate and learned so much from this and all your videos. Adam, you are seriously my hero. I struggle daily with my IT job and look forward to coming home and watching your videos, from lego builds, cosplay creations, or just methods of thinking to make my life as a creator better. I hope this comment make is way you you personally because you really are an inspiration and you bring light, hope and drive to the creative brain I have stuck in an office job. I wish I could afford to be your patron because you really are my hero. Every video you make has a lesson to be learned, regardless of specific subject matter. Never stop. I can only imagine there are many more like me. We need you. Thanks. Jay. Jedi.

  • Can u do a video describing your time on space cowboys?

  • Mom: Go clean your room! Kid: Can't, I'm watching Adam clean his.

  • Someone picked music to sync very closely to the Swiss Army knife. Well done, that person.

  • Nice to see that like me, he has to clean up to make space before for making a mess.

  • So satisfying.... I've been trying to clear out and organize my garage for a while and every time I start to stall in the project, another one of your videos like this comes around and gets me feeling like I need to get back to it again. I'll be working on it again tomorrow night (because hockey tonight).

  • Don't know when this was shot, but at current prices, Adam could have bought every Patron a house in Malibu with the wood he gave away.

  • I'm looking forward to your pliers storage solution.

  • That sound was the Mission District dying from gentrificaiton

  • 14:05 Any ideas as to what that is? Dinosaur part?

  • Adama is a rich man in 2021, he has a healthy supply of building materials including plywood!

  • If anyone attempts to Marie Kondo my hand tools, they better be prepared to lose limbs. I may reorganize and even reduce what I keep in the prime access areas, but lesser-used hand tools just go into deeper storage (labeled drawers) so I can get them if and when I need them. Many of my tools are very old or antiques, so I know that they have a long shelf life.

  • 🤣This swiss knife display is dancing to the music on time lapse.🤣🤣

  • 4:48 COVID-19 ALERT!!!

  • Why clean my shop when I can watch Adam Savage clean his?! 😆

  • LOL, problems are not solved, only managed. LOL

  • I think he needs to buy or make a small industrial shredder! Tossing all those scraps in it would be fun and not fill up the trash.

  • Swissie sure is boogie-ing and with the plywood, I would put the stuff I don't use much, I'd put behind the tablesaw

  • "I bought a whole bunch of new 1/2" plywood..." That sounds nice.

  • It's not a problem to solve it's a paradox to manage - that's briliant! Also fits to my girlfriend, work, well whole life :-D

  • Adam been upstaged by a arm knife what is the world coming to lol But my storage is coming along nicely The storage broker is watching

  • Watching u walk around reminds me of why I'm a huge I'd urs adm he the best builder

  • Adam makes sound, Adam completely in shock from sound

  • Has Adam done a show and tell about his new mill yet ?

  • At around 10 minutes... the Swiss Army knife movements are almost perfectly synced with the music. It looks like it's dancing.

  • @16:08 clean our your shop once a year, look how good the storage is.... Looks in the back ground to see the whole faber castle factory of pencils and tons of just random materials

  • Need plywood? What type of loan would you prefer sir?

  • Gesundheit

  • The Victorinox pocket knife display was ALMOST in time for the music, lol.

  • Now can you wait long enough for the price of plywood to settle down.

  • What even is the tested business model?

  • A shop is a living organism. it is never right it changes just when you get use to the way it is. One new tool or item will change the way things are.

  • Oooh. . at the beginning of the clip. . Behind Adam's head. . Something that looks like a hook, made of wire. . Dangling at *EYE GOUGING HEIGHT!* .

  • That gave my head a lot of peace to watch. 😊😊 You're right about not being able to keep everything. I've been going mad holding onto vegetable containers, yogurt tubs, etc. for my garden and seeds. I've piles that aren't in any order and no visible spaces to just stack them into. This is just a kick in the backside to get more work done on that. Great sneezes by the way 👏🤣 when you get full body reactions they're always good. I'm so glad you swept your floor. It was making me feel sneezy too.

  • A shop is a journey where the end result is only a great experience... peace out ✌️

  • It’s your shop so it’s your call, coming from a shared garage where space is limited... can’t wait to have my own shop to store all my “useless crap” many things have a purpose just not right now

  • I’m sorry Adam but I just don’t see you getting even partly through a silent anything