Adam Savage Rancor Maquette Statue Reveal!

Publicerades den 3 maj 2021
Adam unboxes and reviews the incredible replica Rancor maquette from the artists at Regal Robot--a near-perfect recreation of the original puppet designed by Phil Tippet for Return of the Jedi. Details like the construction of the eyes, the gnarly claws, and even the dripping drool of the fearsome creature are recreated here based on access to the original puppet and input from Phil himself. It's an incredible tribute to the creature design and practical puppetry showcased in the original Star Wars trilogy and Adam couldn't be more excited to meet it!
Find out more about Regal Robot's incredible prop replicas here:
Disclaimer: This product was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review.
Shot by Gunther Kirsch
Additional footage courtesy Regal Robot
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  • Find out more about Regal Robot's incredible prop replicas here: Disclaimer: This product was provided by the manufacturer for purposes of review.

    • @Scott Man I think that monster was around before, but yeah there going crazy, lol

    • I would think Disney would be flipping out about this

    • @Eddie Wesson does Flixzone cost money

    • hi Savage, cool man like me some Star Wars stuff miss the George Lucas days

  • 5:55 more like a Pangolin!

  • The regal Robot version is more movie accurate, the sideshow deluxe version is a little more fun, and bigger

  • I think it a bit too shiny.

  • That's friggin awesome 👌

  • Clicked the link to Regalrobot, quickly glanced at the prices, closed the browser window. Not saying their stuff isn't worth the price. It's just best if I don't know these things exist. ;-) Limiting the # produced to '83 was a nice touch. =)

  • Like a 5yo at Xmas

  • Fuck you dude! I wish I had money :(

  • Should be in a museum.

  • Brags to us all he’s a fan ..... Then RANCER .... What a joke

  • 3,000 USD statue !!! this steamed carrot is a bit spicy for me :P

  • Plus there's all that bubble wrap to pop!

  • “They’ve sent a rancor” should be in a Star Wars movie somewhere.

  • Your shop is full of so many amazing things!!!!

  • Love the spittle. I believe they once used shellac for dinosaur spittle in stop motion dinosaurs. Are there actual rules to go with the monster chess?

  • Adam, this is an AMAZING job! I never noticed that the Rancor had an earring!

  • Fantastic model... I wonder if a thin coat of ultra-matte varnish might tone down the plastic sheen of the skin and improve realism? Just a thought....

  • It’s strange seeing a grown ass man acting like my 13 year old son

  • Are there 83 because return of the Jedi came out in 1983

  • Dude when is the Adam Savage Museum opening ? I'd come and see all of your collection if it was on display! Greetings from Haarlem, Netherlands. PL.

  • Love it.. Described as a cross between a "Bear and a Potato"

  • You could absolutely weather this Rancor out to another level of awesome :)

  • Their first Chewbacca bust is the best I’ve ever seen..

  • I 3D printed a rancor a while ago for a community challenge, I have pictures on my insta @nabrup3.

  • I've never heard putting a statue together called "registering" before

  • Astonishingly gorgeous. Hands-down, the rancor has always been my favorite Star Wars critter.

  • Lucky bastard

  • as a guitar nerd it is my duty to ask about the guitars ind the background

  • Much more interested in the pool table than the thing that came out of the box, sorry. Got decent at pool working on the highways summers when I was going to art school. Nothing to do in small towns after work but drink beer and play pool on dubious tables with dubious cues. I’d look for the most bent cue and play crazy shots. The locals would get a chuckle when I grabbed the wonky cue but that was my hustle.

  • $2,999? That's ridiculous for something that just sits there doing zero.

  • Damn You Regal Robot, You stole my heart!❤️

  • I don't recall who at ILM said of the Rancor; "It lives where spiders go to die..."

  • Happy Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you.

  • I orderedone of these from wish and they sent the monster from Howard the Duck instead 😥

  • Buzz that head bro! What in God's name are you waiting for? LOL

  • I'm gonna need a video on that guitar in the background

  • Tattoo artist, "You want me to put an ear piercing in what?"

  • Baby rancor is the best playable character in any Star Wars game.

  • Raptor pls🙂

  • Hol' up, is that a lightning rifle from the Matrix in the background!?

  • Remember when this guy used to make cool stuff and blow a lot of it up? Yeah, seems those days are few and far between now. Also, a turtle? Scales? Alligator, armadillo, both of which have more potential to have morphed into something like the rancor. Turtle.

  • Great video,keep it up!🉐️🈯️🉐️🈶️

  • adam, you should probably stop giving us "hints" on what you're doing, seeing as the video title always spoils it anyway

  • This guy was one of my favorite Star Wars toys as a kid.

  • Phew, only 83 in existence? That's intimidating.

  • Congrats on the acquire, but also - congrats on having the pool table cleared off. Those of us of a similar bent understand it's probably temporary, but such achievements deserve acknowledgement for however long they last.

  • Great video your enthusiasm is infectious and a joy to watch,on the matter of the Rancor tail I believe that was needed due to the fact the original film monster was a puppet so there would have been a hole for a hand to fit inside so something was needed and I think it looks fantastic. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping me sane through lockdown.

  • Oh god the shaky cam and crash zooms are back.

  • It's upsetting because every time they do something cool. I can never get the chance to get one because it always sells out so fast.. :(

  • So, has anyone else noticed that this is a $3000 maquette? And the holochess set is $5000? Yes, that’s thousands of dollars. EDIT: Don’t get me wrong, I love Adam and I love Star Wars and I love seeing things like this with such awesome attention to detail, but the price!!! 😱🤯🤬💀

  • Who had the hutzpah to give a rancor an earring!?!

  • Rancor, aka Bowser inflected with the virus from resident evil

  • Superb work by Tom and the team @adam. They truly set the bar...

  • 6:35 Sounds like a future one day build

  • That's an expensive dust collector

  • I wonder if Adam would have been as successful with a different surname

  • Rancor not ranker. Makes me cringe when he says that.

  • The neglect you show for that beautiful pool table stresses me😱

  • It reminds me of a pygmy owlbear with mange. A pygmy owlbear whose parent mated with a potato.

  • do you wear levi's 511 or 510? my two best guesses, ha

  • Looks like your ExWife lol

  • OO That is so nice love it

  • What’s your opinion on the Krayt Dragon from the Mandolorian?

  • Nice look. But I have no idea where the character is from

  • Have you contacted eaglemoss about your ecto1 build and if so when do you think we will see some more of the build? Thank you for your time in reading this and a hopefully a reply from you or other's.

  • If I had a shop like that, I'd feel compelled to write my own Sci-fi story/script. And then, I'd set about making the most amazing collection of props and costumes that I could muster. It would be great to make in complete creative freedom - not trying to duplicate someone else's vision or conform to other designers imagination.

  • Very high quality model.

  • Whats a Ranker? I swear to god i dont think he worked at ILM ever.

  • it's like a mutant snaping turtle

  • The predator! I bet no one knew Arnold was this small in real life and played both parts of the movie.

  • Do the dead guard as a one day build please 🙏

  • ‘Register this to its base’ Adam uses words in ways I’ve never heard. I then feel dumb, until I look up the words and find he’s just inventing new definitions on the fly. Am I wrong here?

  • I had one of the original rancor monster figures when i was a kid, it was made of heavy plastic and just the mouth and arms and legs kinda moved. It was a large figure compared to all the other SW ones, sadly after a few years my mother threw it out even tho there was nothing wrong with it, I so wish I still had it today. I also had one of the few original Xenomorph figures which stood very tall and sadly she threw that away as well... today worth thousands :'( Loving the content Adam and whish I could afford to help out on your patreon, but sadly I am unable. But what you do is much appreciated. Keep it up :)

  • Im sorry But you seriously took way too long taking that last little thin piece of plastic off that you could’ve just pull right off there quickly and it would not of hurt that HARD resin figure at all

  • Impressive reproduction. I've done the Soft Vinyl model years ago, and did the saliva with cat hair and some white glue. The result is just as good as I dreamed it to be. That level of attention to detail is what give life to models :D

  • 83 pieces... they made 83... because Return of the Jedi came out in 1983...

  • Nobody: Adam: *”RANKER”*

  • Yoooo where dat lego space shuttle build at? 😘

  • I always thought as a kid that Rancor skin looks tasty. Like Texas BBQ.

  • Literally scares me 😱

  • 83 of them...? Hmm, Return of the Jedi came out in 1983... Hehe, interesting detail ^^ !

  • would love to see you interview Phil Tippet and some other OG FX guys on the show

  • I’m not normally into statues, but that thing is amazing!

  • What's the arm strap for? Noticed it in a few videos now

  • Why would a man so invested in star wars and even worked ON 2 star wars films with ILM.... pronounce it "Ranker"... 😖😖😖😖😖 i think he pronounces it like the websters dictionary word but i have never heard anyone in the star wars community pronounce it that way. Its always "Ran-core". Side note: i hope he doesnt see this and other comments like it... i really dont want him to feel self concious about it or bring him down in any way 🙁 because despite this nit pick we still have a deep respect for him and his love of nerd culture and nothing will ever change that

  • Wait Phil Tippett the dinosaur handler from Jurassic Park?

  • *'ran-core'

  • I got mine a few days ago! SO stoked on it!!!!

  • Guys, you're tested with Adam Savage. You don't have to spoil the video to get people to click.

  • I love the sulpt, but i don't know about the paint job...

  • 👍🏻

  • Wow incredible looking Rankor. Thank you for sharing this with us Adam.

  • Yeah gday from new Zealand..awesome

  • $3000 and they ship it like it's a piece of Ikea furniture... wow. They should have hired Sideshow to make boxes and ship it properly.

  • 2:59 "Sir! There be whales here!"

  • This is so cool, I ALWAYS felt sorry for Rancor, he had such a harsh life & at the end was killed by a character that should have tried to free him! I would love to see another rancor in the Mandolorian running free & helps Mando! Plz make this happen!

  • I did not know it had an earring!

  • Fun fact dinosaurs are more evoluted then we are right now

  • Hi everybody

  • Anyone else waiting for him to pull out the original toy and give us a "Pixel Dan" it's comparison Time!