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Adam Savage’s Tested is a content platform and community playground for makers and curious minds. On, the highly- engaged Tested SElists channel, and at conventions and events, dynamic makers share ideas and inspire each other to build their obsessions. Led by Adam Savage, the Tested team explores the intersection of science, popular culture, and emerging technology, showing how we are all makers. Adam also takes viewers behind the scenes of films, TV shows, theater, and museums, shining a spotlight on the craftspeople and artists who make the magic we all enjoy.

Tested is also: Norman Chan, Joey Fameli, Gunther Kirsch, Ryan Kiser, Kishore Hari, Sean Charlesworth, Jeremy Williams, Kayte Sabicer, Bill Doran, Ariel Waldman, Darrell Maloney and Kristen Lomasney.


8:30Weird and Wonderful Vintage Analog Clocks!
Weird and Wonderful Vintage Analog Clocks!visningar 51tn20 timmar sedan
10:52Hot Toys Prototype Figures at Sideshow Con 2021!
1:03:56Steam Deck - This is Only a Test 609 - 7/22/21
25:03Adam Savage's Guide to Drill Bits!
Adam Savage's Guide to Drill Bits!visningar 198tn7 dagar sedan
9:04Adam Savage's Lifecasts Collection!
Adam Savage's Lifecasts Collection!visningar 51tn7 dagar sedan
12:58Ask Adam Savage: "How I Broke My Neck"
Ask Adam Savage: "How I Broke My Neck"visningar 159tn7 dagar sedan
39:42Adam Savage's One Day Build: Acrylic Display Box!
12:38Adam Savage's One Day Beard!
Adam Savage's One Day Beard!visningar 52tn14 dagar sedan
13:52Adam Savage Unboxes The Mandalorian Collectibles!
23:04Making a Custom Lightsaber Display!
Making a Custom Lightsaber Display!visningar 52tn14 dagar sedan
23:54Adam Savage Makes a Papercraft Animal Mask!
18:02How to Make Alcohol Inks from Old Markers!
23:55Adam Savage Inspects a $500 Suit of Armor!


  • I genuinely pissed myself laughing

  • Any plans on showing printed parts getting electroplated?

  • It was a fantastic show.

  • Would you be able to make a Chuck E. Cheese masks for robots 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Looks amazing... great job Norm.

  • Adam. I was a big fan of Myth Busters. You and Jamie made me feel like a younger brother and were teaching me in a way I'd never forget. I had an issue with the bullet coming straight down and could kill someone. Now you have proven it cannot. Terminal Velocity is just that. A bullet can travel the speed of sound going up and stop rising. But falling back to earth it can only reach terminal Velocity. I can't do the tests but I can follow geometry and logic. Shooting straight up (0) the bullet would travel supersonic come to a pause and drop to Terminal. (I) Impact to ground. So I said "If I drop a bullet from 1000 feet it would drop straight down with only gravity pulling it to the ground. Next, If I pointed the rifle parallel; to the ground and fired it may travel 3000 feet or less before falling to the ground it lost its energy to maintain flight. These are just numbers because I don't have the formula. So, if straight up the bullet didn't pass the point it was fired then it traveled 3000 feet parallel to the ground then we can say Rifle set at a 45-degree elevation having less height but keeping most of its travel energy would travel 1500 feet plus the effect of the energy or 500 feet. Bring the level to 22.5 degrees half as much and your distance will drop by another 50% My conclusion it The farthest a bullet can travel straight up is reduced almost 50 % when the angle drops and the bullet would fall to the ground faster due to gravity and shorter when reduced another 50%. I know there is a formula only because there has to be someone that does these things The chance of killing someone a mile away by shooting a rifle straight up are next to zero

  • I love love love love it

  • Excellent video.

  • Everyone's sleeping on the Starship Troopers vest in the case!

  • Idea for a one day build: glasses with a camera built in so that god awful flexi arm go pro can go.

  • Do you guys just use normal acrylic paint?

  • Just WOW!!

  • Really interested in y'alls thoughts on the Lynx R-1 headset. I really hope to see a Tested review once the kickstarter launches! Been playing around with leap motion and ZED mini which I discovered through Tested content and look forward to seeing more AR/VR content in the future. The Lynx headset has higher resolution and field of view than the ZED with gemini ultraleap handtracking running on a qualcomm XR2 like the Quest 2. I am really excited for this headset and the prospects of high quality pass-through augmented reality!

  • Jen, I really enjoy your videos, please make more :-)

  • Looks really good,nice job

  • Anybody know what kind of guitar that is? I don’t recognize the logo on the headstock

  • .

  • Amazon makes money on all you fools! Check your debit charges and you will find you pay them 240.00 a month just to be a member. When you order anything on Amazon they tac a fee on the purchase price. Your just a bunch of suckers!

  • Why does Adam seem like he would love to make and paint warhammer 40k miniatures

  • That was nut easy, but you did not screw it up! Thanks for your video!

  • He's probably getting gratuities for endorsing Rosco gaffer tape. What happened to all the love for duct tape that he showed on mythbusters? What a fraud! This douche is such a sellout.

  • ok, I'm just going to watch the end to see the final result, mmm ok, what was that, gotta go back to 5 minutes in, hmm. ok this is interesting... dammit.

  • Who made the food containers?

  • I know I will achieve the exact opposite of what I am trying to do, which is preventing to sound like a pedantic macho little dick, but I love , LOVE a smart woman showing her prowess around tools, and actually not shying away from getting her fingernails chipped, black rimmed (stop it!) while at the same time stay extremely feminine by being her utter and completely content self. Damn! Loved every second PS She IS the MythBuster power woman I think she is, right?!

  • There is a cutting tool specifically designed for cutting laminated materials where you don't want chip-out or delamination because of the flute spiral direction. They are called "compression routers" or "compression mills". They have a down cut style flute on the top portion of the tool and an up cut style flute on the bottom portion (say from the tip up about 1/8"-1/4", depending on tool OD). They were originally designed for cutting carbon fiber and other composite panels in aerospace applications, so be prepared for the price to reflect that application, but they work like a champ for doing exactly what you are doing here. You can buy them at any industrial supply house, like MSC or McMaster Carr. McMaster Carr part number 2911N11 will get you a 1/4" OD solid carbide straight shank compression cutter with a 7/8" length of cut, but it costs $72. You can probably find them cheaper if you shop around some on the interwebz, but that PN will at least show you what the tool looks like and how it's supposed to work, etc., and give you a source of last resort if you can't find the same thing for less elsewhere.

  • It didn't work at all! great job promoting their stuff! **FAIL**

  • best practice : hang from string to avoid staining!

  • We made a lot of thick, large, aquariums...and the adhesive is no secret. It's SciGrip #42 two-part acrylic adhesive. It's how you get strong and perfectly clear joints. Another tip, don't peel the whole face. Use a straightedge as a cutting edge, and just peel back 1/2" or so along the edges you're cementing. As for flame polishing, that torch isn't nearly hot enough. We (and any professional plastic fabricator) use Oxy-Hydrogen torches. Extremely hot, and the only residue is pure water. Done on a nice sanded edge, you will have perfectly clear edges.

  • AH this is so cool!! <3

  • Re good names: the hardest part of describing how I made my Digi-Comp I out of k'nex was coming up with meaningful names for each subassembly and using them consistently throughout the documentation

  • This came at the right time, I just inherited my great-grandfathers carpenter tools. I have to restore them but now I've got a nice set of auger bits.

  • Yayyyy

  • Adam, Did I just see that you have a ruler tattooed on your arm? This is so neardy and awesome! Please verify. Jeremy,

  • Me watching this video at 12:23 am

  • I was not prepared for this to be a sale pitch but I was already sold before it hit. Pity I never got to see the exhibition

  • Been making stuff from woord for decades and that's one type of bit I don't even own, I use a lot of hole saws, but Adam Savage... I will follow your suggestion.

  • I want to bid on this, but I know I'll never get it. :(

  • Turned out excellent

  • I have an original Plato Flip Clock. Fascinating mechanism, PITA to overhaul. Runs beautifully, not very accurate.

  • Man they need to do the a team tank shooting sideways

  • Loved the dancing swiss army knife around 1:30:00 when the film was sped up. Almost dances to the music.

  • Oh Botha Someone send him a red T-Shirt and a jar of honey

  • One reason this product doesn't deserve a ten: it's not on the market yet. Take my money!! On a serious note, kinda dissapointed that replacing the CPU warrants a whole motherboard swap, but I'd still give them 9.5/10. Oh, and the usb adapters only having one port when there's clearly room for more (2 type As, and at least enough room for 3 type Cs) but that's not enough to take off points for. I would LOVE too see an AMD version as well, that would be siiiiiiick

  • Rapid fire mod? I’d love to see a thousand balls blasted in just a few seconds.

  • I kinda want to know what this thing goes for now... >_> Can you do more mythbusters history with items from mythbusters episodes long past? Please? This was delightful to watch! XD As a shark person, I wish I could buy it, but I have no idea what I'd do with it... XD

  • Robo shark beep beep boop beep, robo shark beep boop beep beep.

  • I always tell everyone who will listen science is the search for knowledge through scientific methods of research. It is not a set of hard set in stone facts. A virtual scientific fact in one decade is often found partially or even completely incorrect in following decades. It is also not a religion something I think a lot of people don't understand. I'm am not religious but I think many people try to use science to fill the role that has traditionally been filled by religions.

  • TÜRKİYE YANIYOR TURKEY IS BURNING トルコは燃えています DIE TÜRKEI BRENNT تركيا تحترق ТУРЦИЯ Горит तुर्की जल रहा है

  • Norm!

  • Adam, After seeing this video makes me want to ask you to build the fight suite from the movie the Last starfighter colt classic !

  • What a wasteful way to build that box, when you made the side walls, you could have cut in half the wood you had been using. Also the laying of the velvet, why not have laid it from one corner. In that way you would have ended up with a LARGER off cut that you could use for some other project. I know that to YOU, the money is that much of a big problem. But it is what you can SAVE at the start that makes the price of making something more cost effective. I also would have put a thin layer of foam under the velvet to make the FAKE gems sit in it better. I also do NOT see one 45 degree cut of wood on your build. It is things like that, that makes or should I say SHOWS the difference between something been made well and something been put together. Would NOT like to think what the cost of all that equipment costs.

  • That’s gotta be the coolest desk gadget I’ve been seen

  • That’s gotta be the coolest desk gadget I’ve ever seen

  • wait 5 days later. this is One day builds man. you changed dude you changed lol. cool mini vice

  • I have a picture of my wife with her head in its mouth from 2012 when we saw the exhibit at MSI in Chicago. Thanks for the memories, Adam!

  • How would I use this on a muffler since I can not immerse it?

  • Can it core a apple?

  • I hope this comment reaches to you but there was a breakdown of the latest Ghostbusters trailer and it had a screenshot of the kids going through Ghostbusters ads from the original movies but they made a thumbnail video of your channel explaining how the ghost catchers work in their world. Thought it was really cool to see you as an easter egg if you didn't know already!

  • *Boss battle music plays*

  • Ohh I wanna work there surrounded by nice looking smart women lol

  • I hate opening the mail unless its packages. I would love to have this to open my mail. I would love to send something back with big teeth marks.

  • Yeet

  • Yet

  • Nice work Jen! Impressed as to how you extended the use of all the potentially wasted space! Love the look of the final product.

  • Every time I see Adam using his tattoo to measure things it just makes me smile. What a clever solution for a builder/creator.

  • Great explanation also cool build

  • What's the earliest iPhone that will work with this tech?

  • True Story: A few years ago, I worked in an elementary school as a librarian. I saw Adam's first puppet-building video, and built two Henson-style puppets, a gargoyle named "Quasi" and a clown named "Gwyn", using foam cloth, cheap fabric, paint, and hot glue. The kids loved them. I created my channel intending to film my puppet shows (hence the name), but like a month later COPPA happened, so that plan got scrapped, but those puppets still serve as my avatar. I went back to grad school and mostly do philosophy vids now, but I owe my channel's existence to Adam and Tested. Thanks.